if a kiSs iS the LanGuage oF Love,
then we> have a Lot t0 taLk ab0ut iT…

meth0ds of Love
~kiSs oN the eaR——“i’m h0mY”
~kiSs 0N the cheek—-“we’re phRendz”
~kiSs oN the hAnd—–“i ad0re y0u”
~kiSs On the sh0uLder—–“i wAnT y0u”
~kiSs oN the LipS————“i Love y0u”

~hoLdinG hAndS———–“we cAn LeArn t0 Love eAch oTher”
~a wiNk——————-“LeT’s get iT oN”
~sLap oN the buTT—-“wAtch ouT”
~pLaYing wiTh the eaR—-“i cAn’T Live> wiTh0ut y0u”
~hoLdiNg oN tiGht—-“d0n’T LeT g0”
~LookiNg inTo eAch oTher’s eYes—–“Let’s geT r0maNtic”
~puLLinG haiR oN head—-“teLL me y0u Love me”
~aRmS aRouNd the wAisT—–“i Love y0u s0 much t0 LeT g0”

advice iF y0uR kiSSing s0meone, cLose y0uR eYes. iT’s n0t nice t0 sTare…