How family-friendly is Singapore

I was very honored to be interviewed by Talking Point team on “How family-friendly is Singapore?“ Although the team is very friendly, but I can’t

Bye 2014, Kisses 2015

Time Flies~~ It’s 2015 now. I know this may seem to late, but reflecting what I have done in 2014 now, hopefully it will help

You Make Me Realise…

3 years… you make me realise how wonderful my life can be, how a tiny ‘you’ can change my goals in my life. It is

Baby Checklist ~ revised

The essential guide for parents-to-be Previously when I had my first, I actually blog (old blog) about my baby checklist on what to buy over

Motherhood Food for thought 1…

Seldom I will pen down my thoughts on motherhood in my blog, because motherhood is such a broad terms even though is only a 10

New challenge and my pregnancy

I can’t believe I let my blog grow cobwebs again.. -_-” Didn’t do it on purpose, just that I’m so tired and busy ever since

ANOTHER LOVE STORY Ok I admit is another love story, i just can’t help it. I love them, the way the write about the person’s


FINE This is the word women use to end an argument when they feel they are right and you need to shut up. Never use

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