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I love Baby Fair

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As what the title says ” I JUST LOVE BABY FAIR!!”
Since young or rather when I got this mother instinct, I love to shop for baby stuff not only they are cute, but try to imagine using it on ur precious one. The thought of it just make me high!! Lol.. 
But it really amazed me that how and now that I’m going through this stage. Imagine few years back I will go crazy if there’s a shoes warehouse sales and now I’m gaga over baby fair!! Haha.. keep on having a look out on good and cheap baby deals.. Of coz I still love my heels! Haha.. My friends and my family was like jaw drop when they saw me…y? Coz I’m back to wearing heels when my baby is out! >.< I just can’t bear to see my heals “sleeping” in the cupboard… haha.. 
Okok back to baby fair 😛
Mr Tan and I went to Expo baby Fair organise by Mediacorp. We went there on Friday night and Saturday night. Both nights shopping was a mad rush because he’s busy working so by the time we reach there we only have 1hr plus to shop.. That’s seriously not enough if you want to compare price and snap up great deals. Not only that, there is watsons sale too!!
Super mad rush!
But I’m glad that I did manage to buy great stuffs/deals, and some toys for Yi He. I’m a bad mom. So far only buy one rattle toy for her >.< and that toy is attached to the car seat.. Nothing for the stroller and at home.can’t blame me coz baby money is really good money, all the toys are so expensive!! And I have some toys which some of my friends bought for her during baby shower but she’s too young for it.. 
Lets see what’s my buy! I find that is good deal, in case u can find even more cheaper pls let me know ok!! Must share share.. haha.. 
Is going for 50% off which considered a good deal to me coz I realise that this kind of stroller toy doesn’t sell cheap..
Bought additional 2 clip on toys for her to play. Can be attached to to the stroller except for the crab. 
I love Baby Fair 1
Puku Glass bottles. I love to use glass bottles coz they are more durable compare to the BPA free, no need to change unless u break it. 
Actually have 3 small ones (150mls) and 4 big ones (270mls), but decided to bought another 2 (240mls) coz 3 small bottles to infant care and I got no more left. Every time reach home late I have to rush to sterilize the bottles and feed her and the big one are too big so save the hassle and bought another 2.
Puku is a Taiwan product and only sell in Shopping Centre and NTUC, when go on sale the most is 20%. So can imagine how happy I was when is going for 40% provided u have to buy 4 items.
CRIB fitted sheet after discount is $13+, and bought a pacifier holder, dislike the current one I’m having because is safety pin. At least the clip on wouldn’t spoil her nice dress..
I love Baby Fair 2
 NUK teats selling at 30% off which is good deal for me. Coz so far I only encounter 20% discount. Yi He is using Pigeon teats previously but find it not good for her, coz she’s very anxious in drinking her milk, the teats tends to collapse and if I remove she will scream.. -.-!! She thinks that I’m not going to give her milk.. 
This NUK got “air vent” so the teats wouldn’t collapse! hehe.. but on one occasion I fall asleep will feeding her, I accidentally turn the air vent side way, the milk leaks out >.<
I love Baby Fair 3

Finish Shopping!! 😀 At first I said Mr Tan for buying this pram but now I love it.. can carry many many barang..
I love Baby Fair 4
She love her new stroller toy!! (Taken the next day when we had dinner at Changi Airport)
I love Baby Fair 5

I love Baby Fair 6

I love Baby Fair 7

For those who are interested in any up coming baby fair, there’s a few coming up ~~

Mothercare baby Fair 2012

I love Baby Fair 8

Takashimaya Baby Fair 2012
I love Baby Fair 9

4th Mar 2012 – 25 Mar 2012
Takashimaya Square B2

Motherhood Exhibition 2012

I love Baby Fair 10

Date: 31 May 2012 – 3 Jun 2012
Time: 11am to 9pm
Venue: Expo hall 6B


Pass few days we keep on going Changi Airport for our dinner till we are sick and tired of it. So we decided to go Changi Village for dinner but when we reach there, it was closed for renovation. -.-” 

So we just go to the near by coffee shop for dinner. Then we came across this 89.7 supper club. 
The concept is a bit like Spices but prices are slightly cheaper and the food are definitely much more nicer!

I love Baby Fair 11

I love Baby Fair 12

Yi he sleeping~~

I love Baby Fair 13

Ginger Tea

I love Baby Fair 14

I ordered this ~ Seafood Carbonara. It’s really yummy and fresh, not too creamy for me and nice seafood taste in the pasta. 

Mr Tan also love this dish.

I love Baby Fair 15
I love Baby Fair 16

Mr Tan had this ~ Kebab
I love the crispy bread and the juicy sauce.. a slight hint of spicy.. so I didn’t have much

I love Baby Fair 17

And we both shared this. This is also slight spicy but nice too!

I love Baby Fair 18

Total cost about $21 plus which is consider cheaper compare to Spices and much more nicer too! 😀 

Maybe will come back to eat the other rest of the dishes.

Enjoy ur weekends folks!!


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