Hot Hot Day…

HOT HOT HOT…. Hot Hot Day... 1Feel like soaking myself in the pool forever.
Today got my AnF skirt today… Hee so excited. Hot Hot Day... 2. Simple but nice.. Going wear tomorrow for dear to see. After that go and see doctor.. Thinking that today they will going to operate on my eyes. In the end, no need. Coz the doctor say its getting better but it may take months to heal. Since its not obvious and harmless so its ok to leave it. Can wear my contact lens put make up etc… After seeing the doctor, go to china town to buy things. Spend hundreds bucks on it. All the items to make earrings. Going to set up the online shop for earrings. Hope you guys and gals can have a look and buy a few piece ok.. Once the shop set up will post the link. Hot Hot Day... 3

Tomorrow besides meeting dear going to meet my primary school friends, Amy and Liang Dan. Going to thanks Liang Dan for lending me her jacket for my photo shoot… Hot Hot Day... 4. Is nice meeting friends up have a nice chat see how is each other etc. Sometimes is so excited to see my friends with the other half, wondering when is their big day.. Hee…Hot Hot Day... 5.

Okay lar.. Thats all for today.. the hot weather is really getting up my nerves!! So damm hot… Okay don’t want to complain liao… Hee… Hope you guys / gals have a nice cooling day. Hot Hot Day... 6

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