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Holiday fun and blues…

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Gosh spend half a day blogging product reviews. Recently become on of the parents blogger for Pampers. Done my first post so please 多多支持


Although I have been blogging for so many years but not so super popular like a celebrity blogger, I still do get products sponsorship for reviews. I feel appreciative and happy that I’m chosen to do their products reviews, so I always make sure that the products I really like it and will use it so at least I know what I’m blogging. Like I don’t really keen on doing make up because I prefer my face to be bare most of the time unless going out. Even with makeup on, you seldom see my photos with eye shadow, because I super sucks doing eye shadow.. Hahaha.. Only eyebrow is a must for me, coz I have short eyebrow. >.<

That is why I always spend very long hours to blog (photos and videos must edit, google to research and double check etc) no matter is it for reviews or just my own blog. I feel that this is a basic respect for the people who hire you to do their product reviews. Just 有感而發 after talking to my friend recently about bloggers doing reviews. Anyway my friends say I’m lor soh aka nagging enough to blog my life story.. I think they more like  扁我 than 贊我 lor hahahaha…..  But must clarify hor I’m definitely not a nagging wife, hubby is more nagging than me. Once I reach home I like to keep quiet, don’t really like to nag about household stuff,  I feel is not really necessary unless I really cannot take it.

Oops getting off topic!!!

I keep thinking today is Monday… Keep telling my colleague today is Monday.. I wish weekends is longer although I already have a luxury of having alternate Saturday off. Wanted to take Monday off to enjoy long weekend but I have some work to do and want to keep my annual leave. Taking leave is such a headache.. -.-

I think my girl enjoy this long weekend a lot! Eat,  play and watch movie before sleep.. So shiok! My hubby and I knows that even she understand only 50/50 of the entire movie but for her age to watch what we are watching is really kind of boring yet she will quietly accompany us to watch till the end. Tell me which 2.5 yrs old kids will enjoy watching Thor (1 & 2) and 47 Ronin? Some more after we watched finished,  she will ask for milk and head to bed…. This is the moment as a parents I will go “awww… I’m so lucky!!!” and totally forget the days or moments she throw temper,  gets cranky,  lie on the floor in the middle of the shopping mall or run like monkey just came out from zoo.

This is call PARENTHOOD…

Anyway she really does understand what the movie is about. Just name one of the examples: 47 Ronin.
The lead actress father need to be prosecuted for his action although is not his fault because he was bewitched. Yi He cried the moment the father was send to the prosecute area. The area doesn’t even look scary at all, it’s all plain white and with nice sakura trees.  Surprise hur.. Anyway it’s quite a nice show, a Japanese-American movie story about Samurai.

Besides watching movies almost every night, we had celebration for Mothers’ Day and Vesak Day.

I think the only special things that we do during Mothers’ Day this year is karaoke. Haha.. Coz we spend at least 2 days per week to eat with my parents sometimes every weekend also bring them to nice places so nothing much special. And to avoid the unusual scary crowd (whole family scared of crowd) we went to my brother work place (not exactly his work place but more like recreational facilities) for dinner and karaoke sessions!



The super happy grandma


Photo taking in the waiting area. We all behaved like 山龜 aka mountain turtle.




The yummy food!! Surprisingly the food serve there is really tasty, not too heavy and oily! Didn’t manage to snap all the dishes because we are too hungry and the food is nice that we just want to faster try the next dish. Personally I like the tomatoes soup, pumpkin prawn and their hor fun although I don’t like their fish in the hor fun.




Dinner also must selfie…


After dinner is karaok time!!

20140509_211503 20140509_222432

Aww…. Sweet sweet couples… My hubby don’t want sing… -.-
wpid-20140509_221654.jpg wpid-20140509_213633.jpg

See hyper pregnant lady entertaining the kids.. I get them dance around me instead of running around.. Hahaha..

We end the night early at about 10pm and head back home. Damn good way to drain the kids energy.. Yi He ko immediately after hitting the bed.

Next day we head to Bishan park, but we went too late! The sun was super hot! We had late breakfast there, head to Suntec and Marina Square free indoor playground and head home to watch movie. Simple day but enjoyable for my little girl.
wpid-20140511_113201.jpg wpid-20140511_113354.jpg wpid-20140511_122238.jpg

Vesak day!! Excited only just because I want to watch my mom performance hahaha… Last time i also used to perform during Vesak day but stop ever since I join nursing. Selfie first! Force cum bribe my girl to wear the fake hair.. We all had a good laugh including my girl.. So happy to pose.. Hahahahaha…
wpid-20140513_090821.jpg wpid-20140513_102500_mr1399948004949.jpg

The stage. Every year is getting better. I remember every year the performance is held outside the temple which is quite hot and humid even though with shelter and fans provided. This year they held it indoor with aircons.. Shiok!

Again selfie first!

Some of the performance. For those who are interested in joining the activities can check out Pu Ti Temple @ Puggol. Classes start as young as 4yrs old from dancing, Buddhist class to elderly dancing class. Once a week on Sunday.
wpid-20140513_142340.jpg wpid-20140513_144438.jpg wpid-20140513_145101.jpg wpid-20140513_150242.jpg

My girl and niece enjoying themselves. Seriously they are the most noisy kids in the whole hall! Lucky is not a sit still or keep quiet environment but I still do get nasty stare from the auntie in front of Yi He but the rest of the ah ma and shi fu so happy leh… Her reaction makes me so embarrassed.. -.-

Finally is my mom’s turn!!! Her grandchildren all go crazy shouting and jumping! So supportive!!
wpid-20140513_152420.jpg wpid-20140513_153050.jpg

The kids really enjoyed this Vesak day coz not only they get to watch performance, dance like monkey, snack like pig, the volunteers also giving out goodies bag and balloons for them. Told my mom that it looks more like a Childrens’ Day than Vesak day. Haha…

Aww… My dad getting kisses from the girls…

Time to count down to weekends again!! Haha… This week passed so so fast!!


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