Hey hey… How are you guys…

Hello, is a long time since i last blog. Sorry for those who’s waiting. Thanks for those who give me comments about my site and sign in my guestbook.

Ok, pass few days have been busying with my pagent organised by my hospital. Every monaday, wednesday and friday.. Haiz.. tired wor. Beside catwalk, we have the opening dance which is taught by a professional dancer – Issac. He’s a nice guys, good body movement. But the open dance is fast and me and my partner trying to catch up the beat (my partner aslo know how to shake very well… woo.. anyway he’s from O&G department juz came back from sydney). Beside the opening dance we also have our own talent segment, which my friend and i ask Issac to cherograph for us (we have to pay him some money, and that is quite cheap compare to outside), the song we dance is “Baby Boy” by Beyounce. Nice and sexy song. Hope the whole thing turs out well.

By the way, last saturday we have our photo shot in the princess gown. I like my make-up but not the hair-do, coz it seems abit funny but i hope it turns out well. The photo will be up by next week if i’m not wrong. It will be at the worklife booth located at blk 6/7 in SGH. For the staff to vote.. Can’t wait to see the photo coz we can’t get to choose wor… (I will upload the photo for u guys too see once i have the photo)

Okay stop here now.. so hope you guys vote ok… Have a nice day

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