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Happy Birthday To ME!!

Today is a special day, to me and my little brother coz its our birthday today!! For the past few years (> 5yrs) I have been taking off day or leave to have a rest at home or doing celebration with friends and love ones but this year is quite special coz I have to spend my birthday in work and school. Feel abit low moral.. :X haha.. But felt happy after receiving all those well wishes from friends. Thanks alot! 😀

Today I just blog about my celebration with Benny yesterday 😀 He brought me to a secret place, is really quite secret coz he keep on driving around to search for the location as the restaurant location is quite hidden, is call ~

Shh…. My Secret Garden…. (Click for link)
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Taking of what food to order
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Yummy lobster and pumpkin soup. The pumpkin soup is nice, even though I prefer the lobster soup. Benny said that the soup is still not “powerful” enough, the taste is not strong as expected.
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Guys always look the best when they are serious at work 😛
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So while Benny is busy working… I also busy taking photos. Only 1 is nicer. -.-“
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Caesar salad. The salad is one of the dishes which I like. Its very refreshing, even though they don’t have fancy dressing like thousand island etc. Nice portion for 2 person to share.
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Mushroom in mushroom cream sauce. This is very nice also. The cream sauce is well done, doesn’t taste too miky or over done. Some mushroom when is not well cook will have some funny taste, but this is well cook and the mushroom texture is good to bite.
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Here come our main dish ~ Oxtail for Benny and Cod fish for me. I didn’t taste much of the oxtail so can’t give much comments. As for the cod fish overall taste is quite well, except it will be good if they can cook the skin area well, coz the fishy smell is quite strong. For a fish lover like me, I can take the fishy smell, but the skin area is quite disturbing. Good thing is the meat texture is well cooked, and juicy. 🙂
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Lastly ~ Desert time! Triple chocolate!
Is very very nice, but I wish the chocolate cake portion can be abit smaller as is very very sweet. Not meant for non-sweet lovers like Benny and me. Lucky they have this ice-cream which comes with it, so it refresh our taste bud. Too bad, we couldn’t finish it coz its too sweet. :X
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Benny and me
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The waiting time between each dish is a bit too long, so all this waiting make us feel quite full by the time our main dish came but overall the dining experience is not bad and good embience. One plus point ~ No GST and service charges, but u still get good services. 🙂

Good night everyone!! 😀


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