Hehe.. I'm know I'm abit late to wish Singapore happy birthday.. But was not free to blog on that day coz me busy tidying up my "pig" room (coz is in a super duper mess) and dad brought us out to eat for lunch and dinner.. Really having a food feast on that day man!! Think past few days eat too much of good food/buffet.. due to birthday and national day.. I LS 2 times today and stomach discomfort for the whole day -,-"… but still I enjoy the meal hehehe.. so greedy.. OKok time for pics!!

07 August

Meet Benny after he finish work. We went to Outram Park the temp. food market beside the outram MRT station. We had fish head for dinner! There are more than 5 stores to choose from seriously can't decide which one is good, end up we choose the store away from the rest… so the rest of the stores wouldn't "stare" at us.. 😛

The hawker centre


Benny busy… me also busy.. taking photos.. wahahaha


Bittergourd soup, my favourite!! Its quite big bowl even though we ordered the smaller ones. Dear drank 4 small bowls, I drank 3..


Here comes the fish head!! The last pics is Benny trying to compare the thicknest of the fish with his PDA phone. We ordered Hong Kong style Steam Fish Head.


The fish bone… we manage to finish the whole thing! It was great, I love the way they do the sauce, they fried the onion and the way they steam the fish! And most important part, the fish oil! I love fish oil! good for skin.. hahaha… I'm not very good in describing how fantastic the fish head is, so you guys should go and try, if you love fish, fish head, fish oil or good/cheap food!


The location of the fish head store.. Dopn't dare to go near and take photo. So stand at the side.. The biggest signboard is the one, its beside "二姑糖水" is at the first row facing the main road. Hope the description helps for those who want to eat the fish head. 😀 Btw forget to mention the fish head is $13. 😀


After eating, we walk around chinatown to let our food digest… Benny bought me a pig soft toy!! At first he don't want to buy for me, coz firstly I have too many soft toys and secondly he don't want to waste $$ but in the end he bought for me.. hehehe.. Thanks alot dear!!


And we end the day with fish swimming inside our stomach .. 😛


08 August

Today Yifei give me a birthday treat at Japanese Resturanr ~ "Waraku" with the accompany of Lionel and Suekay.. Really have to thanks for Yifei organising the small celebration and thanks for everything! 😀

The window view at our seat… nice view wor…


The resturant, we are sitting all the way in at a corner..


The menu… is damm big..

Yifei's turn to do the menu post.. styling by Suekay..


Yifei and me


The 4 of us… Me, Yifei, Lionel and Suekay


Suekay refuse to take pics of herself alone.. coz she said no make-up..


So we tried again, taking secretly but failed..


The 3 of us, Me, yifei and lionel..


Finally Suekay agree with the photo taking but with her cap on


After playing for quite some time, our food came!! Really ordered alot..

What i ordered: Kaminabe in miso soup, seafood. Its my all time favourite! 😀


Lionel and Yifei's order: Katsu Curry, Lionel's one is regular, Yifei's had it in mini. But their mini is 1 bowl full of rice, so regular is like 2 bowls!?


Suekay's order: Sukiyaki


Our starter: Hokkia Salad. I love this very much! Its a few of different sashimi, with fish roe, veg and wasabi. They mix the wasabi very well. So when you eat this, you will have a equal taste of the sauce, wasabi in eerysingle sashimi! So you wouldn't feel like one have too much or too little wsabi. 😀


Side dishes: 

Chawamushi, not only the usual ingrediants, they have "bai guo" and unagi inside.


2 hot plates: (the other one forget to take photo) The below one is Ika Maruyaki


Another nice dish: Potatoes Mochi Cheese


Our dessert: Ice-cream Terriyaki


The muchi "fight"… Suekay bought the milk bottle, inside got alot of muchi so she gave us to eat… but it turns into a "nasty" fight!!

~ Photo taken: Xiaoqi

~ Narrates: Xiaoqi


One more group photo and CHEERS!! 😀


The night view… 1st photo taken using my K800, 2nd pics taken using Yifei's camera.. Both was used by experience photographer… Lionel!!! Professional is professional, no matter how many times we take it turns out blur and out of focus.. but he did it well!! 😀 (Taken inside the resturant)


After eating, we went over to UE square area, to have chocolate fondue at chocolate factory.. Its not nice!! The hotel serves even better! The chocolate taste like "milo dinosaur" And the portion is very small, and its ex.. 3 of us regreted going there to eat, so plan to have another choclate fondue makan session again!

Only took 1 photo coz they don't allow photo taking.. blah..

Btw, those who are interetsed to go to the Jap resturant, here's the guideline of the pricing, total spent is around/about $152. 🙂

09 August

Eating feast on that day. Didn't stay at home to watch the national day parade. 🙁 During lunch time we went to Boon Keng to eat. Its the first time the whole family went out together in the new car! My dad sold away his van and bought this, coz with grandma staying with us now, its more convinent to ferry the whole family in a family car. 🙂 Cute?? Is like a bread shape, so i call it "bread car" ~ 面包车 😛


me in the car..


The 3 crazy kids!! My sister had her braces done!! When is my turn?? 🙁 Wait till my pocket is full enough.. got to pay school fees first! She only had her upper teeth done, coz both of us have the same problem, one side of our front teeth is side way… its not very obvious unless you look closely. For these she paid around $1800.




The feast…..


After having heavy luch went back home to tidy up my room.. still half way through.. too many stuff liao.. -,-" On and off play with mao mao

Night time ~ Dinner

Dad brought us to Sims Ave, the industrial area there for steamboat buffet dinner! Its near Payar Labar MRT station, Blk 26. Its quite cheap, weekdays for $9.90/person and weekends/holiday is $11.90/person. We got 2 and ahalf free crab! Can't remember 2 person will have any free crab anot, got to check it out.


We had our crab done in black pepper. 😀


Dad and Mommy

The steamboat.. yummy!!


We end our national day, with heavy stomach…


As promise, the photos taken at Colleen's place on my birthday!

A statue symbolies Guy and Colleen


The cupcakes!!




Melissa and me..




Colleen's Sister ~ Letitia  and me


The sister's giving me kisses!


The Miss World/ Best Model 2006 Unite!


Michelle and Melissa


The Photographer ~ Rocky came later.


After awhile, I went back home, with the cupcakes n presents Colleen gave me! Really heart the cream and exfoliate srucb she gave me! 😀 Those who loves eating cupcakes or want to order can go to here and take alot at the cupcakes Colleen make! 😀



Going to end the post with what I wore on wednesday and Friday!

This is what I wore on wednesday and friday.

Wednesday ~ Retro dress from TF, belt from taiwan, velvet wedges from delias and black bag from Old Navy.

Friday ~ Gio black top, White eyelet vest from wetseal (bought from fellow dames ~[b]|ingz-[/b] ), 593 levis jeans, Levu Wedges and brown bag from taiwan auction.


Have a nice weekend!! 😀

Foot note: Thanks for the gifts by my Family, Benny, Brother, Colleen, Friends for the treats and lastly e-shop for their red vintage earrings!

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