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“Yes, I’m at home, the door is opened!” I answered my phone while opening the door and 2 of my curious little girls followed. The moment they saw what the 2 friendly ladies from Friso were carrying, Yi He jumped for joy with excitement. Mei mei Xin He jumped too, but I don’t think she knows what is happening lah but she continued jumping because the Yi He is jumping as well… Hahaha.. monkey see monkey baby do.. :p

So these are the 2 things that the kids were excited about!
I don’t think it is that difficult to figure out bah….
It is a slide which comes with a basketball play set and a tent!! The friso experiences play set comes with 2 cushions, storage box, and a green carpet.

Starting to have fun even before daddy complete his setup.. -.-‘
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We had a small tent also, but only enough for their small baby “aka soft toy” to go in. Yi He immediately took that out and said we have the same also! I’m surprised that she remembered it because I kept that away in a corner but she went to dig it out.


Previously I had bought a slide (bigger than this) but I moved it to my warehouse, for my kids to pass time while I’m working. I actually bought extra but not keen to put at home because it was too big! So I’m glad this play set came at the right time, is extremely useful and is of the right size to put it at home!

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Now this is the first and only toy they will definitely play every day once they wake up and reach home. Didn’t even pester me to bring them to playground, which is good because of the bad haze past few weeks!

Invited my friends’ baby to come over to play also hehe….. weee….. My friend said I can do a indoor playground and start collecting fees. Haha.. good idea man..


Ok, no need to envious me, you can also get this Friso Experiences Play Set worth S$300 for FREE!!

Just spend $350 on any Friso participating products (Frisomum, Friso Gold Cereal and Friso 2,3,4, excluding all infant formula) at participating outlets, you will get this Friso Experiences Play Set too!!
That’s quite easy to hit lor, just need to but about 5-6 cans! I always buy in cartons!

If you want to check out the playset, Friso actually has also setup a Experience play zone which you can take a photo with your little ones!!

The participating outlets are:
1 FP Xtra Jem mall 1 to 30 Sept
2 FP Xtra AMK Hub 1 to 30 Sept
3 FP Xtra sport hub 1 to 30 Sept
4 FP Xtra nex mall 7 to 30 Sept
5 FP Xtra jurong 1 to 30 Sept
6 FP East Point 14 to 30 Sep
7 Guardian Plus Taka 17 to 30 Sep
8 Sheng Siong Woodlands 6A 1 to 31 Oct
9 Sheng Siong Bedok 209 1 to 31 Oct
10 Guardian Compass Point (B1) – 21 to 27 Sept
11 Guardian Causeway Point (B3-4) – 27 Sep to 4 Oct
Let’s fight the haze enjoy bonding moments with Friso Experience Play set!!



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