Went for a casting last wednesday for 2 things, one is for starhub and one is a trailer film. The starhub one is quite easy just make us standing there and take our profile. As for the trailer film, is abit difficult coz they want me to act like a prositude, a loud one some more. So i intend to try out although the original script is about a quiet gal.. (can’t disclose too much)

So apprently to my suprise i got the role. Was quite shocked coz i don’t think i was that loud enough for a prositude. When they explained to me the role than i get to know that i’m acting the quiet gal. ;p A good one! Coz while i was reading the scrpit while waiting for my turn for audition that wednesday, i feel that this role is quite emotional, alot of feelings involved. Its so nice for me to get this role in the trailer. But whether will i get into the main role once the investor invest on this movie is another issue. ;p But still i feel that thought the money is not very fantastic, coz its a trailer, but i love it, coz of the director (he is a director of one famous thai movie) and the crew i’m working with (can’t mention the name yet) is really great, an experience i treasure ;p

So the shoot is taken place at Geylang, in the streets and the hotel room, don’t worry I do anything.. ;p So after the director said action, i have to stroll along the streets, than started to run fast and than faster, I have this scence shoot twice. Luckliy, no one approched me or any car coming towards me coz of the small lanes. While i was running, i also observe the ppl around me, it was my first time walking into the heart of geylang. Its really an eye opener for me! Can’t explained the fear, excitement and curious in me. Seeing all those ladies and guys walking and standing along the pavement. 0_0 I’m relieve that the camera man and director is running behind me with the video camera so its shows that i’m filming otherwise, I can’t imgine what will happen -_-“

Than another scene is i have to buy a condom in 7-11. I have to pretend to choose it, keep on looking at it. Than buy it. So while waiting for the payment i can feel myself flushing more and more.. I felt so paisei.. -_-” The strange part is when we went in, we thought the sales person will stop us from filming, but it didn’t, so thats great! At least i wouldn’t feel so awarkard. ;p

Than in the hotel room, can’t describe much coz its abit daring but this is the scene that i show my feelings of upset and innocent smile etc, i’m a young gal remember :)..

Shooting this scene is really a great courage for me. So before hand, Benny and I had a disccusion with the director, making sure that until how much i can take it etc.. To put me at ease.. 🙂 Though Benny was quite worried, but have to reassured him, and promise him and told the director that if i’m uncomfortable i wouldn’t proceed.

The way i discribe sound like a RA movie?? Haha.. no la, this is just a small part, coz the main important role is the gal and another old prositude.. So don’t worry folks. 🙂

Ok need to prepare and meet Pei Chen and Ling Woan 🙂

Blog again tonight. 😉


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