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I’m happy to have Janice Wong to be our Featured Mumpreneur. She is a mother of 2 and she is ready to share her motivation and challenges with us in running both her business and juggling the kids.
If you are looking for inspiration and motivation, then our featured business mum ~ Janice, shows you what’s possible.

Tell me about your child(ren) and your partner
I am blessed with two adorable children, Kaelyn (6+yo) and Kaeven (3+yo). They are the sunshine of my life and my every ounce of motivation comes from them even though they suck me dry.

My husband is someone who believes a lot in play, hence it is no surprise that when he is around, the kids get a lot of outdoor fun. However, he travels a lot and half the time, I am solo-parenting.

What did you do previously before starting up your own business?
I was and am still a full time tutor while managing two main businesses

Tell us about your business and how did you started?
Rhapnroll Diapercakes was started because of my passion to craft. I needed an outlet after the children slept. Mothering is a tough business and I didn’t want to lose my creativity because of all the mundane chores. At the same time, i wanted to use my time wisely and bring joy to others. Hence, Rhapnroll was birthed.

Lebox_sg was started because of my son who didn’t want to speak Mandarin when he was younger. I realised I wasn’t doing as much for him as I did with my firstborn. I noted that many others were struggling to make this subject an interesting one. As a result, I started Lebox with a partner. I believe in learning through play and since I was going to do it for my child, I might as well help other parents in this area as well. It keeps me disciplined as I will then have to create more activities to keep up with the momentum and to keep up with the little one’s thirst for knowledge. This business was even named after my son.

What motivated you to become a mumpreneur?
Undeniably, to contribute more in terms of finances. Ever since I had my children, my core job has been cut down tremendously to cater to their needs and to facilitate logistics. I often have to be the one to uber them around, feed them, educate them and to put them to bed. I used to be home late due to work commitments. However, things had to take a backseat as my eldest moved into Primary education. The ballgame is not quite the same anymore. The hours spent with her is no longer as sufficient. 

The other reason is also to pursue my passion. Passion to educate and the passion to craft. Since young I had always loved the arts. Unfortunately back then, my mom wasn’t too supportive. She closed many doors and I didn’t have an outlet to express. So through my businesses, I get to expand my creativity.

Lastly it is to take my mind off the fact that my other half is travelling all the time. To seek solace amidst the craziness of solo-parenting. To keep me going and to attain greater self-worth.

How does your partner support you in this journey?
He has been extremely supportive. At times, he helps me with deliveries and packing.

What is your biggest challenge in the business and how you overcome it?
For rhapnroll, it is a one-man show, hence it is very challenging. From sourcing of the “ingredients” to doing up the final piece and even delivery, it is handled by me. The diapercake is an intricate and sometimes delicate item, hence I trust no one but myself (and my husband at times). In order to create a certain effect, the perfectionist in me sometimes spends several nights working on the item. The end result is rewarding. To carry my masterpiece and deliver it personally to the customer and along the way, receive praises and curious looks from passers-by, is affirmation to my creativity. 

For Lebox, it is challenging as we try to create a box for every month. However, procurement and manufacturing of each activity takes time. Very often, our materials are DIY-ed, hence a lot of effort is being put in it. However, the rewards are in the smiles of the children who benefit. When we receive great testimonies, it makes it all worthwhile. When my child asks to do more activities, it is evidence that learning through play is indeed how little children should be educated.

What do you do to prevent burnout/stress?
crafting, chilling with friends (rare because the hub travels and I have no help at night), watching dramas, cooking and doing certain chores (shocker!)

What is your proudest moment? Both business and family.
Family: My two children
Business: I busk in pride when people eyes sparkle when they see my diapercake. 
Lebox: when my children tell me they enjoy the activities I created for them and hanker for more.

What advice would you give to give to a new mumpreneur or someone else who want to work in this area?
Don’t be afraid of hard work. Everything starts off tough. You will be rewarded and see the silver lining eventually. Believe in yourself.

What is your favorite quote?
Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you

What is your favorite book?
It’s been such a long while since I read anything but textbooks, so I don’t have a particular favorite book! 

Lastly, travel or food?
this is a tough one. Can it be both? 

About Janice’s Business

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Featured Mumpreneur, Janice Wong – The Talented Mother 1


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Featured Mumpreneur, Janice Wong – The Talented Mother 2


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