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Not neglecting my blog…. Just that after 4 days of baby fair, I’m totally worn out and I still got to go back warehouse to settle stocks and start delivering soon. End up reaching back home, I fell asleep immediately on my BFF aka bed.. And I still have to wake up at 2-3 am to pump. On some nights I’m so tired that I couldn’t wake up and just left my boobs to be engorged and I regretted the next morning with that same old issues on some nights -.- I just never learn….

Wanted to blog about something you never thought that is useful in breastfeeding/pregnancy, but got to share this particular blog post with your guys first, especially if you are a parent!

There’s a giveaway too!!

Besides being particular in my kids napping/sleeping time, I’m also particular in my kids diet although I’m not very extreme (like must be organic etc). I think insisting to eat right is what most parents (of course that’s including me) want to do and praying hard that my child is not a picky eater. Besides having to know whether your child is eating right, we as a parent also want to know whether they are eating enough to meet their daily needs.

This is a new guideline (replacing the food pyramid) on recommended food intake for your meals


Abbott contacted and invited me their event to know more about eating right and the tools available to help parents on managing their kids diet according to their appropriate requirements. Even though my girl is not a picky eater but there is no harm learning more!

“Keeping your Child’s Nutrition on Track” event held at Jamie Oliver and my #ootd of the day…
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A 2012 study conducted by the National University Hospital of Singapore found that nearly 1 in 2 Singaporean parents say their child is a picky eater. Children with unhealthy eating habits, such as picky eating, may be nutritionally compromised. Over time, if this is unresolved, it may put the child at risk of compromised growth, susceptibility to illness and impact cognitive development.

Personally for me, people with skin allergy are advised not to be picky with food because fruits and vegetables can really help in improving / preventing your condition.


Testing out the new tool ~ PediaSure-NutriTrac tool

This “PediaSure-NutriTrac tool help parents get a realistic picture of how well their child is eating. It allows parents to assess their child’s diet and identify potential nutritional gaps beyond just calorie counts. Based on a child’s age, the tool calculates the calorie needs of the child and estimates the number of food servings required from the different food groups to meet the recommended calorie intake. Calculations are based on data collected from Food and Agriculture Organization/World Health Organization (FAO/WHO) and Singapore’s Health Promotion Board (HPB).

Take note, there is no option for unhealthy snacks!! And I realized normal sponge cakes are actually considered unhealthy!! OMG!!

Anyway under the selection, you are suppose to “break down ” the meals. For example if your child had chicken meat pasta for lunch,
Under Rice and alternatives > choose pasta as a portion (there is a picture to guide you how much is considered one portion)
Under meat > choose chicken meat
If there is vegetables > choose the vegetables

So at the end of the day, it will help to tabulate the amount of calories your child have taken and whether he/she have taken the right amount of food in each categories.


So you will have this report card, something like this. You can email to yourself or share it on facebook. This report card will also have tips on how you can improve your child’s diet. Or even print it out and share it with your PD! But do take note that this tool doesn’t help you to keep track what your child has been eating for the past few days, so it is best that you choose to email the report card each time you perform the calories check. And remember there is no option for junks or unhealthy food! 20141011_112514

> Try out the tool here >

So while I’m in the room listening to the various speakers, Hubby and Yi He stayed outside with Jamie Oliver’s staffs doing some activities.
And Xin He is with me in the function room. So glad that she didn’t really make much noise inside, even when she woke up from her nap, she just kept quiet and looked around her, only after awhile she got bored,  so she made some noise and I had to pat her, pop in her pacifier and she fell back to sleep. Think she really got used to me bringing her around for work and events.

Jamie’s staffs are really good at keeping and filling up the kids with activities when I saw the photos hubby sent me.
They brought the kids around for herbs tour, kitchen tour and after that is handicraft time

Kitchen tour (not sure what hubby is trying to take -.-” )

Know and smell your herbs!
IMG-20141012-WA0003 IMG-20141012-WA0028

Types of Pasta.. think this is too tough for Yi He.. Haha.. To her is all FOOD~~
IMG-20141012-WA0021 IMG-20141012-WA0010

Food tasting.. Yummy!!

Handicraft time (and continue to makan time)..

IMG-20141012-WA0017 20141011_113330 IMG-20141012-WA0016 IMG-20141012-WA0019 IMG-20141012-WA0011 IMG-20141012-WA0012

Their activities are so interesting!! And I’m so glad that it doesn’t stop there after I’m done with the talks. We are making our lunch (one of the dishes)! Our main Chef for the day!
20141011_113532 20141011_113603

No free lunch in the world… please make your own.. haha.. just joking lah! I love kitchen activities with my girl!! Those who have followed me long should know!
20141011_113818 20141011_113903 20141011_113923 20141011_113939 20141011_113957 20141011_114000 20141011_114032 20141011_114059

Poor Xin He mei mei… kena hidden at one corner.. it’s because she’s sleeping.. don’t want her to be disturbed 😛

Hor!! Caught eating!!

Our finished product!
20141011_114415 20141011_114459

Now is lunch time!!
da da… menu for the day!


The starter


Truly made by us, hot from the oven!


Trying olive! Trick her into trying, and I’m glad she likes it!

Hubby favorite beef steak


My favorite salmon fish! And I’m so happy that they did not remove the skin! Some western eating place serve salmon without skin… seriously I don’t understand why? I know some people doesn’t eat fish skin, but do you know that fish skin nutrients is the best? Anyway this dish is really yummy with colorful garnishing..


Enjoying her salad..


Selfie time!!
20141011_125143 20141011_125152

Best part of the meal ~~ dessert… love the tiramisu, but not really into the brownie (kind of too sweet for my liking) although the ice cream is real nice. And the fruits dessert belongs to Yi He.. So nice of them to prepare kids desserts!

20141011_131810 20141011_131912 20141011_132013-1

Conclusion on the tools: It is a good tool for parents to begin with, especially parents who are facing with picky eating kids, or kids who snack too much on unhealthy stuff. Because the tools only allow you to input healthy food, so it actually serves a kind of “reminder” on what exactly you are feeding your kids with. Although I don’t really calculate the calories my daughter is taking, (I don’t even calculate my own calories hahaha.. ), but I always ensure that she eats the proper meals during meal time and eat a variety of food especially fruits and vegetables. This tool actually serves an extra reminder on what exactly is healthy food, for example when I assume sponge cake is actually healthy, unfortunately is not. -.-

It is a pretty nifty tool, however, if you do have any suggestions on how to improve the tool, feel free to email them as this is just their first launch to such tools, definitely there is more room for improvement.

Just to share with parents, my rules of meals
> explore them with more variety of food, do not stop at one try, try different cooking methods, habits start from young. It will be hard to train a child (maybe around 4yrs old onwards) to accept the food that they don’t like to eat.
> NO snacks before meals, even if it is just one sweets or small biscuits. Never ever do that.

Happy exploring!!

PediaSure-Nutritrac GIVEAWAY!!
3 lucky winners will be selected!


1.      Share one tip on how you cope with picky eaters

2.       Share a picture of a nutritious meal that you prepare for their children

3.       Share what is you child’s favourite vegetable and your favourite way to prep the dish

you can either
>comment here or,
>email me at [email protected], “PediaSure-Nutritrac Giveaway”

Please please do send me your interesting/creativity methods, and lets share it to the readers! Will do a blog post on that! I also want to learn some tips too.. hehe..

Lastly thanks to Abbott and marketing team for this good experience in Jamie Oliver. Really love the interactions with my kids and how they blend good/healthy food into the theme.

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