Eat and Eat and Eat..

Hey hey… times really flies so fast.. its july now, 18 days to my birthday and also today is my 1 month with my new company! My probation is officailly over!! *happy*

Really happy in getting this job, so far everything is good, my bosses (5 doctors) are very nice. Almost everyday we have cakes etc to eat, special thanks to patients and doctors. I will really get fat if everyday I’m eating more then 4 times! Haha.. but my ideal weight is 55kg, so still alright. 😛

Early this week, I meet up with Mr T and his friend, Yifei, Lionel and Suekay for our 2nd round of durian session. It has been so long ever since our 1st one. So we all busy talking until Lionel remind me to take photos hence not so much pics is taken :X

Before meeting them, met Benny in school for dinner.
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Benny is having his lesson 3 times a week, mine is only 2 times per week. At first, we thought we can meet together for dinner once my school starts but my lesson falls on the day which he doesn’t have -,-” so bad..

Ok back to durian makan..

We went to one of the street in Geylang for durian, I think is 20plus street.
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Happy eating..
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Mr T opening durian
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This is our 2nd basket of durian. Total we ate 13 durian.. :X Sinful but satisfied
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Yifei and me enjoying the durian.. our expression *priceless* haha..
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After eating we went to meet Kovit for supper and chit chat session at joo chiat. We all busy catching up and watch Miss Universe. The winner is really beautiful! I love her legs.. Thats the only thing I will want to dream of it.. Thinking of that.. I should visit Dr wong to have my skin laser again.. I’m so prone in getting scars -,-“
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My wear on that day.. by the time i reach home is already past 12mn.. tired..
F21 metalic tunic halter dress, black belt, white leggings and gladiators sandals.
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Last week is also another makan session at chomp chomp with my close friends in SIM. Uncle Jerry, Shiying and Joanne.

My favourite.. always craving for this! Crab with prawn noodle soup.
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Some side dishes, satay, rojak and popiah
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Stingray.. wondering why there is 2. Coz Joanne and shiying ordered a non-spicy one for me *so sweet* I told them that i’m so touch that I can cry. Shiying ask me to cry now.. -,-” *really ask me to cry* haha..
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After that Uncle Jerry went to meet his gf, we gals continue our chitting. Then we saw the couple from the next table having this delicious dessert. We ask them where they order from and we went to order one! 😀 Its really delicious!
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My wear on that day.. realise that my style for both the days is almost the same.. *faint* time to go for a change… think i’m getting lazier to dress up.. or is it time for an excuss to update my wardrobe.. haha… but i’m on shopping ban!!
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Miss my “mao mao” ?? Some pics taken
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my dad and mao mao walking in the park
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my dad and I brough her to the park to see-saw.. I video down her taking the slides.. she’s so cute! Pardon the video, don’t know to rotate.

Thats the update for today.. *blew a chance in doing a bridal show* sad.. 🙁 Can’t wait to have my braces off! Not only because of modeling but because of food! I love eating..

Night night

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