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Finally once a year Disney On Ice is here!! Is always my must watch every year (before I had my girl even), just to catch my favorite Mickey Mouse.. haha.. but every time his appearance is so short! I wish he and Minnie Mouse can have more performance! Anyway this year performance, 2nd half I find that the princess story is a bit boring to me, maybe because the story line is very short but I really did enjoy the first half of the performance.

Let’s start the ball blog rolling!!

Our outfit for the day! My girl so ready to pose when I say time to take photos. Mommy is such a bad influence.. lol..
On me: Jacket from F21 which i bought many years back, open back top from ASOS and skorts from qoo10, wedges sneakers from taobao
On my girl: carters, rain boots from taobao and minnie ears hair clip from Taiwan.

1743457_10153942179080453_2141320545_n 1979729_10153942191495453_442810146_n

Woohoo, we have reached!! Yi He is so fascinated by all the soft toys. But too bad, ma ma say no.. haha.. was quite relief when she didn’t throw tantrum and say bye bye to the soft toys when we left.. *sweat*
20140323_105726 20140323_105853

There’s a small place to let the kids enjoy the lego! But I hope next time they can provide a better chairs. All the wooden chairs either cracked or have holes. -_-”

The stage!! I’m so glad that I managed to secure quite a not bad place when I bought my tickets so late and most of the front seats are taken up. Told hubby next time I must chiong to buy, don’t want wait for him.. blah..
20140323_112522 20140323_110723

Selfie before the shows starts! Yi He really can’t wait for it! On a side note, I seriously may need to invest a selfie tripod. Hubby photo skills really CMI.. -_-”

The opening!!

Didn’t expect Yi He to react so positively to the shows. She really loves musical.. no doubt for now. She sings, she talks, she claps, she jumps, she dance etc… throughout the whole show! I think the mother beside her not sure is it irritate by her (I hope not), because her daughter sit quietly throughout the whole show. 😡

*Note: All photos are taken without flash, using either my Note 2 or my camera.
Mickey Mouse! I really need to learn how to use my camera function.. My dad keep asking me to use auto easy for a camera idiot like me -_- when I ask him to teach me.

Alice In the wonderland, the first story of the show!

Peter Pan! Yi He got very excited when she saw the crocodile and keep asking for it when it disappeared .. something very wrong.. hahaha…

Time for a break~! A must to bring snacks for the little ones (otherwise buy on the spot very chor *auntie 上身* and selfie time!  SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES 20140323_121419 20140323_121423 20140323_121527

The 2nd half of the show starts with my favorite Disney movie ~ Lion King! I really love the songs that is chosen for this movie.
Especially>  Hakuna Matata!! Makes me shake and sing along too!! haha..


Aladdin.. The elephant is so funny!! This makes Yi He really excited.

All the Disney Prince and Princess, its a pity that they couldn’t show case all the stories, like Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella.

Overall I gave 4/5! Nice! Can’t wait to see next year theme!

After the show we rush down to friend’s baby boy full month! No idea which cupcake company they used, as it was set up by the wife’s friend. First time I ate 3 mini cupcakes. Hubby was shocked too, coz I don’t have a sweet tooth! The most cupcakes I ate is only cupcakes done by Colleen.
20140323_143150 20140323_143156

So far my girl is very happy to have baby around, she also miss playing with her cousin, everyday looking for them. She also have no issues with me carrying other baby. When I carry, she also want to carry the baby. So I just hope for the best that she can really loves her baby mei mei. Siblings fighting is normal to me, I just don’t want excessive jealousy which becomes a hate which some parents share their stories with me… >.< hope my brainwashing works!! Started even before I was pregnant.. haha..
20140323_142945 20140323_143020 20140323_143037

After the baby shower, we went to Robinsons to collect my vouchers and realized that Centerpoint is having moving out sale up to 80%!! Wah.. shiokness so hubby decided to see if the cake mixer is on sale.

He’s deciding which one to buy kitchen aid or kmix by Kenwood.
Will let u all know (read to the end ok) what we chose in the end, after discussing, researching and talking with the sales girl for more than 30mins.
20140323_165726 20140323_165936

And I bought 2 pairs of heels!! So happy can, is my favorite brand some more. Last time I used to buy it from Victoria Secret, is still cheaper after shipping to S’pore, until they don’t sell anymore.. so sad. So can u imagine how happy I was, and on top of the sale price, there is additional 20% off !!
so my nude wedges is only $30plus and the black is $50plus, both original was $169-$179

Show casing my purchase (in my pj some more haha…), my girl like my black heels more.. can’t wait to wear and decided to photobomb my pics too. Trying to show that she can wear and walk (small steps) too.. hiao… hahaha… actually both mother and daughter also hiao..

Too bad for hubby, only 1 pair of working shoes for him! Guys shoes are really ex even after discount.

Camwhoring while hubby load our shopping stuff in the car. Ring from ASOS
20140323_175244 20140323_175348

Time for dinner ~ at TCC!

Jigsaw puzzle for her while waiting for our food.

Here comes our food! Think Changi Airport crowd too heavy, the chefs can’t cope because the food in Centerpoint outlet taste so much better.


Ask her drink carefully and don’t drip all over the place, so she drink like this.. So cute and funny.. hahaha

Finally head to my comfy bed after one whole day and all of us just sit on our bed and watch Smurfs movie. Because our room tv is spoiled so we use hubby laptop and lucky the screen is big enough.

ok here comes the cake mixer reviews part! Bascially I can’t give much personal reviews as I have never used both cake mixer before. And initially our plans is to get kitchen aid but end up we get kmix from kenwood.

Below is the difference for both of the mixer, which both of us have research (on the spot, using hp > google > forever our best friend) and feel.


Ok above is the overall comparison of kitchen aid and kmix.
More of the reason choosing kmix >

The accessories on kitchen aid can see that is spray on and can come off easily compared to kmix (although both is coated), this one definitely makes me want to chose kmix.
The addition accessories creaming beater which also acts as a scrapper which follows the curves of the bowl very nicely. It can scrap the side of the bowl and mixed your mixture a lot better which also makes cleaning much more easier. And this doesn’t come cheap is about $80 plus if  buy separately. Only those in the 90s model series comes with it. Kitchen aid doesn’t comes with it (if I’m not wrong).
kmix has this special features which kitchen aid doesn’t have is the fold option. Which can do opposite direction folding, you can also control the folding!! Cool hur!!
The control speed of the mixing, apparently kitchen aid doesn’t speed up slowly like what kmix can. I’m not sure how this will affect the mixture, but it seems like quite a few users like this feature.
Although kmix is slightly lighter than kitchen aid, but apparently for those who used it, says that it’s really sturdy and doesn’t jerk.

I decided to have the green kmix (last piece, display set) which is selling at $569 but hubby was hesitating because he like kitchen aid overall look even though he likes kmix function (seriously.. guys.. -.- he think he choosing wife). Then after that he realized that kmix comes in very nice blue which have the creaming beater but that wasn’t on additional sale (selling $799), again he still thinking.
Didn’t really time how long he takes, but it really takes damn long (for me), so you can see who is the spender here.. hahaha.. Again still cannot decide, ask me to see all the colours range, I still tell him ~ I’M GETTING THE GREEN!! hahaha… He gave up so here comes the green! Anyway it’s still brand new and working fine, I don’t mind that it’s a display set. Hehe..
Best deal for me > free 1 session baking class organised in Totts!!

After making payment, the sales rep already placed another display set down which is white colour but still selling at $799. Hubby turn around and tell me > THE WHITE ACTUALLY LOOKS NOT BAD HOR…

GUYS!!!!!!!! Or is it my hubby?? -_-“

Anyway realised I didn’t take photo of my kmix, da da!!!  KitchenMachines-KMX95-800x600-1

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