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From my friend’s FB status, I came to know about Discovery Center and the best part – is free to all Singaporean. So without dragging, I brought Yi He along together with Mr Tan and my Fil last Sunday.
*Pardon the poor image quality. I forget to charge my camera -.-

Having breakfast at KFC. Learn to tie this hair style from my mom. Chicken Little hair is really 少的可怜! 20131103_104659

Our outfit for that day! She just love to split her legs whenever I ask her to stand properly to take photo..

Finally reached! Is such a long ride to Jurong~~


Too bad the penguin is not showing on that day, so we watch Wa is for Wayang. Is a very funny and family orientated show. Makes me tear at the last part. I’m such a emotional human… T.T
Is a story about a young India Boy who shows interest in Chinese opera. He need to find a teacher to learn this art for an upcoming competition in his school. Of coz being an India, he have a small obstacles. But he did overcome it and have done well in his performance.
You can find out more information at the facebook >

Actually before the show we went for SAFTI tour. Is a short 20mins tour on Singapore army. Their staying, studying and training area. No photos is allowed so you can find out more information at Is free for all Singaporeans.

After the show, is the start of our discovery tour! Is quite fun at certain station, but if you really want to enjoy it to the fullest. I think kids 7yrs old onwards will really know how to appreciate. Yi He is more of chasing the lights and pressing the buttons here and there. Is actually a good running area for her because is very big and spacious.

Some very Singaporean traits~~

Lets start the discovery journey!

20131103_122647 20131103_122810

Some of the fun activities she enjoyed


One of shows airing in the discovery centre. The screen is 180 degree, so you can have a good feel and vision on what they are showing. Due to some disturbing scene and Chicken Little actually is paying attention and didn’t move a bit is a surprise to me. The show is about Singapore has been attacked by terrorist and how we Singaporeans over come. I cried (yes again) when the girl came to realise that the parents has passed away in the bombing attacked. And she keep crying for mommy and daddy. I think Chicken Little feel her, for a moment her face was like so sad.
20131103_125041 20131103_124906

Some nice art works

I think this is the segment a lot of guys would like to play. Mr Tan wanted to play too, but so many kids are waiting, so he gave up.. haha.. Is a military defence section in discovery center.


Finally lunch time! There is a small eating area behind the reception, about 3 stores operating. IMO, there are not bad and prices are still quite reasonable.
The outdoor seat is also recommended if you are ok with it. Nice view and seating area.
Chicken Little trying to catch the birds. .. haha..
20131103_134250 20131103_134306

Camwhore while waiting for our lunch

The vintage display in the middle of the cafeteria.. is so cool and so familiar to me! The green/brown wooden chair (which Yi He is standing on), the traditional sewing machine, the kettle and the food container.. etc… I feel like I’m in a living room/kitchen with my parents.. hahaha…

After finish exploring discover centre, we went over to the Army museum. Is actually quite a small area. I was kind of disappointed.. I wish they can display more stuffs rather then just huge poster on their missionary trips.




Army missionary trips

Tunnel to the past, present and future of the army
20131103_144655 20131103_144920 20131103_145016[1] 20131103_145047[1]

Think our guys should be glad that you have nicer sleeping area compare to our parents era~~

It started to rain in the afternoon, so we have no chance to take photos with the tanks!

20131103_145508[1] 20131103_145514[1]

I think this one most our army guys will know!!

Video on plane hijack which happens in 1991

The bomb bus at the end of the exhibition.

Now the kids get to enjoy how is it like wearing an army uniform! Not sure if they feel proud… hahaha.. but I do feel so. If my girl tell me she want to go army, I will say go ahead.. haha.. to me so long as she earn a decent living, I’m fine with it. 😛
20131103_145715[1] 20131103_150009[1]

Finally we finish our tour in Discovery centre and army museum. I hope my girl enjoyed too.. She was so energetic and refused to leave but once we start the engine she start to sleep. We even have a good shopping in Daiso IMM while she continue to have a beauty sleep.. That’s how tired she is… hahaha…

When I was observing at her sleeping, suddenly I told hubby she look like one of the cartoon characters!! Not sure if you have the same thinking as mine. She look like Pebbles in Flinestone!!
Look alike?? Hahaha… cute hor!! lol… which baby not cute?!

After we had our dinner in IMM, decided to bring Chicken Little to Eco garden, which is located at Level 3 of IMM. Is really a huge play area, consist of 2 dry playground area and one wet area.
This is one of the dry area. This is where all the young kids and older kids will be playing.
Next to this playground is the wet area. Which I quite like it, but my girl has no guts to play -.-“. End up I get wet myself when I’m trying to get her wet, so no photos..

This is at the other side of the garden. Can see that is more for bigger kids, but Chicken Little is very daring to play this! Is so high and dark!
20131103_185228[1] 20131103_190214[1]

Can see that she is enjoying herself, but I have to limit her play time because climbing up and down the rods is so dangerous for her and myself. And some of the kids are more rough, which I can’t blame them, they are kids right. But I do hope those parents who accompany them should tell them not to push around, have to take turns and play. I mean that is basic courtesy right. And picking flowers and throw them down the stairs is also uncalled for.

So I carried her away and explained to her. We went over to the fruits sculpture to play. It happens to be her favourite food. So she enjoy climbing up and door and er…. biting the food?

20131103_190033[1] 20131103_190204[1] 20131103_190022[1]

Its a great day for both of us, and she totally drain and satisfied, head to bed straight away and sleep soundly..
If you have any place for kids to enjoy recommend me. Other than zoo, jurong bird park etc.. I prefer to spend less and she enjoy more. Like that day we only spend on food (lunch and dinner) and car park fees in IMM (1st 2hrs free, if i’m not wrong). Car park are free in discovery centre.

Enjoy peeps!! Another new weekend is coming!! Will be in SNEC for Eye Care Day, do say hi to me if you happen to see me yah! Will be happy to bring you or your family around the carnival!

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