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Cut cut cut…

I didn’t cut my hair short in case u guys thinking.. haha.. Had my fringe cut into bangs again. 2 previous occasion was decided by the Redken hairstylist, this time round my own decision. Benny all along doesn’t like the bangs haha… but I’m glad that I have high forehead to carry it off so naughty me trying ways and means to convince him even though I already chop it off. 😛

I dyed my hair at the same time, not very obvious (my hair just doesn’t take colour very well) but at least it doesn’t look messy like I just drop off from my bed.

Me playing with my camera as usual while waiting for Elaine.
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Tying to act cute.. hair is cute but me not cute.. haha.. cute is not my style.
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Trying to act cool with my owl bag. I love my almond eyes, I remember few yrs ago I did a magazine article on modeling, one of the modeling agency I went to, said that my almond eyes is not the trend for modeling, so she rejected me. At that time is not a trend for asia models like now, still I didn’t hate my almond eyes. I love what I have.
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When I ask my hairstylist how to manage the perm as I getting a bit piss off when the curls is going head wire. After lots of explanation I realised that I have been twisting the wrong way, no wonder my curls doesn’t look as nice as my mom and sister. And I also realised I have problems coordinating my fingers/hand – twisting inwards and outwards, everyone were laughing their heads off -.-“

I’m so not lady like….

Anyway.. tmr I have 100 MCQs test, and I’m here blogging.. sianz… working and studying is tiring, but slowly working towards my goal, Benny, friends and family support is my greatest strength of determination. JIA YOU MY MCQs!!!

JIA YOU also goes out to all the taiwanese folks out there. S’poreans should really appreciate that we don’t have any natural disaster. Hope my relatives are not badly affected, my taiwan cousin have not been online for quite some time, really hope very thing is fine. No news from my mom though, so no news means good news 🙂

Night night everyone


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