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***accidentally closed the website when blogging half way!!! No autosave… Cooking 1***


Was typing about cooking earlier on.. lazy to type again.. just go straight to cooking ok 😛

Yesterday cooking supper:

Ingrediants: (for 1 share)

Noodle, 1 Mushroom, meat, onion, sesame oil, light soy sauce and water.

1. Sliced the onions and mushrooms into small slices. Before that soak the mushroom till soft if you are using dry mushroom.

2. Prepare water and let it to boil.

3. Put a little bit of oil (around 1 table spoon) into wok, throw in the onions when the oil is hot. Before the oinions turn golden brown, put in the meat and stir fry it. (Food that are easily cooked are to be put in last, but for spices, onions or garlic are to be stir fry first to bring out the taste.

4. Once cooked, just leave it in the wok.

Cooking 2


Go to the water, if its boiled, put in the noodle. Once in awhile, stir to noodle to prevent them sticking together. To cook for how long depends on the texture of your noodle. If using maggie mee noodle, can just cooked for awhile but for an example, like the noodle i use, i have to cook about 5-7mins.

Cooking 3


While waiting for the noodle to be cooked, you can prepare the sauce. Just pour sesame oil and light soy sauce onto a plate and leave it. As a guide: 1 1/2 table spoon of sesame oil  and 1 table spoon of soysauce, otherwise up to indiviual preference, but not too salty ok! 😀

Cooking 4

After the noodle is cooked, scoop it up using a net, put in under cold water then back to hot water (can use back the hot water earlier on). This is to make the noodle taste better. After doing that, place in onto the plate but don't stir yet.

Cooking 5

Placed the rest of the ingrediants on top of the noodle and stir together with the sauce. 🙂

Cooking 6


For those who wish to add in green veg, cut the veg into small/ medium pieces, boil it for a short while instead of frying it together with the rest. It will test better and the nutrients in the veg will not be lost. 

Hope you enjoy!! 😀


Yesterday (thursday) went to Yvonne's place for fitting. Having bridal show at Amara Hotel this coming saturday. It always feel good when client look back for you to do their shows. 😀

Will be wearing 2 evening gowns and 2 wedding gowns. Have a sneak peak of the gowns ba! Forget to take one of the evening gowns pics.. will take on that day if possible! 😀 I love the blue evening gown below, is very very nice!! Suits the not-so-well-endowed me… 😛 Coz of the cutting it create an illusion.. :p not clear on this pics la.. try to take on that day.. muahaha..

Cooking 7Cooking 8Cooking 9


As usual, sure end my post with what I wore on wednesday and thursday!

WED ~ Top from Esprit, white jumper from TF and jelly flats. Head band on coz got bad hair day :P.. wear cups to school abit funny, coz don't wish to take out when in class so head band the best!

THUR ~ Top from Ailiyo, shorts from MRQ and wedges from NOVO. The outfits exclude the wedges is like less than $30!! Both bought from online.. my first outfit also not bad, jumper bought less then $20 if i remember correctly 😛

Cooking 10Cooking 11


Night night!!! Exam coming and I have not even study half of it!!!! -,-" 


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