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It’s a cooking and eating season!!

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I believe almost everyone loves December because it’s a festival of FEASTING!! Feast until fat die me! Hahaha.. But before I continue my blog post for today, let’s spend a min and pray for Air Asia #QZ8501, its a sad way for their family members to end 2014. It’s heart wrecking to see the bodies being posted up, please pray for their relatives for great strengths to overcome this tough period.

tumblr_nh9zasqlSf1qz9bc9o1_500 *photo taken from Google*

Ok bad to eating.. *greedy face*.. I think none of my friends will disagree that Qiqi = food… hahaha..

So I start my festive season with Baked Cherry Pie. My neighbour gave Yi He one big packet of cherries, so I decided to make a Cherry Pie and hopping that it’s nice enough to give my neighbour but it doesn’t really happen… (explained later)

Getting ready!

My dough!

My blended cherries. Initially I thought I over blend it, but hubby and sis said it’s just nice. That’s good 😛

Preparing to go into the oven!

Baking in progress~~

Small greedy pig also waiting.. hahaha…

“Jiang Jiang”~~~ My Cherry Pie!!
20141224_183319 20141224_191618

Even though hubby said is nice enough to give to the neighbour but I’m shy to pass it to them because I felt that it’s not really up to my standard. Lucky I didn’t! My sis tried and she told me that the base crust is not well bake aka raw!
She hit the jackpot! No wonder I feel something is wrong and can’t pin point which part exactly, but overall she said nice, even my daughter said is nice. Kids don’t lie right.. *trying to 安慰 myself*

So a note to myself that I SHOULD bake the crust first. 

Preparation of X’mas eve dinner begins!! My sis’s family came over to my place to feast. Dad and mom didn’t join us because they are very happening ok, own dinner celebration lor with their khakis. And my brother and his girlfriend also have their own party.
Can you guess what’s for dinner?

I love cleaning up the fish myself, because I will get paranoid if I saw/ate the fish scales, or if the uncle decided to throw/keep my fish roe, so yap, I rather have fish scales “flying” all over my basin. Haha.. Hubby and sister was like why go through all the trouble, just ask uncle clean first then I go through again, but the feeling is different leh..
Thanks to my parents for teaching me how to clean up seafood. The only thing till now I dare not do it, is to kill the crab even though I know how to. So how much I crave for it, I will just settle with flower crab. Better than nothing. -.-

What’s for Dinner??

Steam fish, Cereal Prawns, Baked Cheese Mussels, Stir fry chicken with spring onion and BKT soup in my favourite Malaysia style (minus off the pig intestines).
20141224_190440 20141224_200140 20141224_200152

 I’m actually quite proud of my BKT, although the soup base is packet one lah, but I still use pork bone to boil, add in some fish maw, clams, etc. So the soup is very tasty!! Haha..


This is the pre-packed soup base I used. Can get it from NTUC and it’s quite value for money.
*photo credit to ICL FB*

As for cereal prawns, this is my 2nd time doing it. This time round is so much better! If you are planning to cook cereal prawn, I highly recommend Nestle Nestum original cereal.
20141224_190430 9556001102393-1

After dinner, it’s movie time! And I watched this movie thrice..
I’m not complaining, it’s actually a very nice movie to watch. Good to educate the young about taking care the mother nature, and we don’t function alone although we are individual human.
Some of the quotes mentioned in the movie which I love:
“Many leaves, one tree. We’re all individuals, but we’re still connected. No one’s alone.”
“You’re here for a reason. Sometimes the connections aren’t clear, but they’re always there.”
kids just don’t sit still watching cartoons, especially the 2 rabbits (Yi He and my niece)
20141224_215018 20141224_224519

Supper time which is LOG CAKE! So sinful to eat it at 10+pm

And so we had the countdown for Christmas with 周公. Hahaha…

Had another cooking sessions again on Monday (29 Dec), hubby’s friends came over to have some chat and food! They ordered pizza, and I prepare some sausages and chicken wings. Lucky I did prepare some food, because the pizza took more than an hour to arrive!

Bakes Mussels again

and Marmite Chicken wings!
(Click for Recipe)
Don’t think I do it well, because the marmite taste is not as strong as what I have expected. I only put 1 tablespoon of marmite, next time round got to try 3 tablespoon!

Hubby funny friends.. hahaha… they are trying out my handphone (Note Edge) selfie function..
20141229_222939 20141229_222941 20141229_222951

End my post with my girl’s photos!! Enjoy your countdown!!


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