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Today meet up KK aka Angel for dinner. It has been a long time ever since we last meet up. Got to say sorry to her, because previously was suppose to meet up but due to some reason I keep on cancelling her date (not purposly fly her kite 🙁 ), finally after so many months, we get to catch up.

Its nice catching up with you gal, and happy that you got your the other half, and things seems to going well for you, so must catch up again ok! 😀
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**it also remains me that, its time to organise my secondary school gathering.. me drag for so long.. lolz :X **


Yesterday, gave Benny a treat on our anniversary. He doesn’t want me to buy anything for him so I told him I will give him a treat. At first he refused because he doesn’t want me to spend any money, only he can spend on me.. (**feeling sweet**) but I keep on telling him that I have plan for this quite some time so no matter what I want it to be done, so finally he agree but he set a limit to my spending!!! arrgh!!! No choice but got to ask my friend ~ Barry for help. Really thanks to him and his friend for the wonderful special discount.. 😀

Did the plan work out?? Only half of it.. because I OVERSLEPT!!! Ok i’m really a pig.. I actually overslept… so no choice the dinner plan was gone, so proceed to the 2nd location, in the first place which is meant for chilling out but we end up need to have dinner over there.

Secondly after so many days of feeling unwell, Benny decided to have fever yesterday!!! -,-” But i refuse to cancel the appointment, so I ask him whether he still able to take it anot etc, and ask him to pop a tablet of extra panadol before proceeding to the location. I’m evil gf right. 🙁

Anyway, lucky he was feeling abit better when he’s away from the air conditional. So we took a bus down to the secret place and which is

Dempsey Road, Wine Network!

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Get to know Dempsey Road few months ago when I went to Oosh with my agent and his boss and my friends after a fashion show. At first I thought there is only one chill out place ~ Oosh.. but after doing the AMEX show, I didn’t know that Dempsey road is such a nice place to chill out! So decided to ask Barry more about Wine network since he work there and also book a place for me. 😀
Cheers to our anniversary!! 😀
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Benny, thanks for everything, I know u are trying hard to make me happy. 😀
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What we order….
Cheese platter, chicken wing and mushroom pizza! All this 3 is delicious!! Really make me want to go there one more time.. haha..
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The share seems little for us, but after eating we atually find it quite full, maybe all those little talk and cheese meat us full ba.. 😀 Oh ya according to Barry, another recommanded dish is spinach pizza! Give it a try if u are going there. The price for the pizza is $14. 😀
Although my orginal plan is to drink, chill and relax till late night, but Benny still having high fever so no choice but got to end the celebration early and took a cab home.
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But I’m glad that Benny really enjoy the dinner. 😀
Ok got to continue my Part 6 now, otherwise forever I’m stuck at my 2 previous week. :X
6. Fitting for KAI and Yvonne’s Bridal show cum visit Colleen at Raffles place cum Miss ASEAN post event celebration 17.10.2007
That day can consider the most trips I have. Because after lesson, went down to Hereen ~ KAI and Yvonne’s place for fittings for the show on saturday (20.10.2007), after that get to know that Colleen have “moved house” to Raffles place, so went down to give some support. Around 8 plus received a call from Simon to come down to EZ50s for post event celebration for Miss ASEAN. Was tired after running here and there, some more past few days was so busy with works/events, but the best part, I didn’t even have a make up on and not dress up for any event at all.. but Simon siad its ok, its a very casual party.. -,-” So after much thinking, decided to head down.
Ok before I talk about the party, this is Colleen’s “new house” that I have mention earlier on. 😀
It’s already over and now Colleen is back to her lovely home! 😀 Suppose to visit her on saturday also, but didn’t manage to. Wanted to visit her again on monday but I totally forget that I got class test on tuesday so didn’t go, and that was her last day at her “new home”… Tell me how **sotong** can I be!! I even write down my schedule… -.-” Really sorry… :X
Ok back to EZ50s.. It was also a sub-awards presentation and appreciation for the sponsors who have make this event a success! 😀 Took some photos with the gals, before heading home.. At first no one can’t recongise me, I don’t know why, maybe on the judging day I look sweet because of the gown or like what I said to them.. no make up thats why.. haha.. 😛
**photos credit to Alvinz**
Simon and me
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Augustine and me
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Jen and me… Augustine spoil the photos! 🙁
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So we retook again
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Augustine decided to feed me… red wine.. lolz..
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Once again, the beautiful top 5 gals! 😀
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Thats one for today, tmr will be updating the last part of that particular week!! 😀
Foot note:
**To pgguy**
I have not miss your comments, not that I don’t want to reply, just that I’m not sure how to reply you… I can’t “chase” back the look I have before and I can’t pretend its there.. I do agree “that the ‘sweet bloom’ look is fading – not that you look older but…the fresh free spirit demeanour, i can’t feel it as compared to your photos 2 years back”
Maybe nursing, pageants and modeling give me a great satisfaction, keeping me busy all the time, but now I only studies and modeling not much of a nursing.. Or maybe it just nursing that keeps me fresh… but ever since I have choosen the path of studying psychology, there is no looking back, but I never regret the path I have choose. 🙂
But one thing for sure.. I have not change my own character, values and beliefs… so no worries, once agin thanks for the comments and pointing out.. Hope next time you will be glad to tell me that I’m “fresh” again!! 😀
How you live your life, depends how much you love yourself….

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