Can’t imagine my maternity leave is finishing soon, to be exact 4 more days and I’m back to work. Took 3 months and left 1 month for flexible usage, I don’t think 7 days of childcare leave is enough.. lol.. 

I miss work but on the other hand I miss my girl too. I miss her cry, her smell etc.. The list going to be long man!!

In order to get her into routine/schedule, we started her infant care early, especially me as I’m still breast feeding her, so I got to set my timing for pumping milk, keeping stock etc. And also clean/tidy up my messy room.. My clothes have been flying all over the place. >.<
I’m glad so far things have turn out well (keeping my finger cross), and Baby Yi He is getting hang on the schedule, manage to sleep 8 hours straight, at least Mr Tan and me can have a good sleep for work.   

How’s my 3 months you have been wondering. I should say is a great and wonderful journey for me. Despite all the cries and sleepless night and I’m glad Mr Tan share the same views. Few weeks ago he asked me when are we going to have our 2nd? Haha.. Of course I hope it will be soon, but we have to find a bigger place as currently we are sharing the same room as baby. If we have the 2nd one now, I have no idea where to place her.. living room?? haha.. joking!!

Ok time for some photos!! Of course is my precious one! Haha.. 

New born ~ Sleeping pattern
Happy family
Her Full month
Finally sleeping on her own bed.. (was doing confinement at my parents place)
Her first X’mas
Her first CNY

Bathing Time!!

Talkative time

To be continue ~~ time to pump milk!! 😀