Colleagues, friends, buddy or??

Few days ago I read one of my friend’s blog about workplace bullies. It’s common, nothing special n it happens almost everywhere at work.

Work place bullies can be senior bully the junior, gossips among colleagues which coz misunderstanding etc..

I remember of this incident whereby one particular colleague let’s call her Z, r very close with another colleague let’s call her Y. But somehow they have an argument n Z went to join another click B. One day Z came in very kan cheong n tell B that she thought she n Y got clash in their clothes but when closer look she realise it’s no n glad not to crush with her n of coz have said some of Y bad stuff. After few months suddenly Z is very close with Y again but now on bad terms with B, n even more surprise Z actually bought stuff for Y during an outdoor trip with B when Z n Y r on bad terms. Z even tell B that the stuff is for her relative..

Disclaimer: if it sound familiar it’s normal so no need to get excited.. Haha…

So this story teach us a lesson that a real true friends doesn’t betray u n pin point ur bad points. Whether there is a true friends at work place a not that will have to depends on ur luck. I’m considered lucky coz I do meet my true friends during my hospital time. They help me, tell me off the face when I’m in the wrong etc.

That makes me remind of what EV has told me, real true friends don’t have to meet up everytime, but once u need help they r always by ur side. Because as a true friend, ur friend has their life to handle n so does u. But when u really need help or need someone by your side they r always there for u.

Coz true friends contains no jeaously, compare n betray and among friends or colleagues, create no dispute and misunderstanding.

What’s your opinion?

Reason for this post? It happens when u r too bored in the train while on the way home with ur iPhone which allows u to surf Internet n blog also.. Haha

Lastly end this post with prof kang! Happy birthday!!

Colleagues, friends, buddy or?? 1

And not forgetting my mentor (always) sayli happy birthday to u too!

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