Change of blog Skin..

Change my blogskin again… i just can’t stick to one for long.. Lol..Anyway just now was reading a love story introduce by one of the podders in FP and it was very very long. I have to divide the story into 2 parts for 2 days. But at last i finish the story.. I feel the ending is not good enough. Anyway i’m not sure whether is a true story so up to you readers to decide ok.. Happy reading.. By the way has extract some of the nice / meaningful sentence found in the passage…

“when I c pple hand in hand , I will think of you..

When I c couples laughing happily.. I will think of you..

When I c couples sitting together in the mrt, and I turn to my side,
there would only be a blank seat.. I can only imagine u there being with me..its really sad..

When I c couples watching movies together, I also would want to watch a movie with u,
but as I turn around to comment about the movie, I would c no one but a blank seat..

When I want to put my arms around u, I would happily stretch my arm..
and realise that all I m hugging was thin air..

When at night I feel like calling you, I would dial ur number, xxxxxxx, and ring..
and there will not be anyone to pick up the phone..

I will think of you when I take out our photos to c,
I will think of you when I c the gifts u have given me before..
I will think of you every night and every second, because I love you..���


After some time.. T got really tired.. K didn’t change.. K was still the old K..

and so she gave up asking K to change. But K didn’t realise that he had so many flaws and T always accepted them.
T had flaws too, but whenever K brought it up to T, T would change for K.
Guys have a bad habit,,, Although many of us have heard it before, I think not many have really experienced it,, the phrase is “Man often doesn���t cherish what they have until they have lost it.” And so K was such a person. K didn’t change abit at all…


Love is a funny thing.. Love makes two pple do things that they have never done before in their life