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Time Flies~~ It’s 2015 now.
I know this may seem to late, but reflecting what I have done in 2014 now, hopefully it will help me to be better in year 2015.


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January  2014
Started out Worldsource Impex and Totsworld Pte Ltd. Fly over to Hong Kong and got my first ever distributorship deal ~ kidsme.
First time leaving my daughter for more than 1 day.
First time doing business discussion.
First time in Hong Kong.
What I have learnt:
“Be careful of the toes you step on today on your way up, because they may be connected to the ass you have to kiss tomorrow”

~ quote from one of the kidsme management guy.

March 2014
The first time Yi He fall sick for so long and rashes keeps on appearing from her body. First time ever I felt that motherhood is so tough for me as a working mom.

April & May 2014
My first launch for kidsme at Baby Expo fair and blogger event. Lots of hiccups but I’m glad that we pull it through. Not forgetting the great helps I received from Hubby, Cindy, Victor, part-time staff and especially Kelvin for smelling the “mushrooms” with me. Friends who specially came down to support me for the expo fair.
Attended a few blogger events but its my first time organizing one. Not easy I should say, from organizing location, activities and manpower,  to managing bloggers.
Giving speech and doing demonstrations not as smooth as I expected, so I hope this first step will help me improve and gain experience for the future upcoming event.


June 2014
Source additional 2 more products for my company. This is when cash flow, time management etc are being challenged.
Sometimes it’s good to slow down. In business, it’s good to slow down to pause for a while and see where is your focus and manage it.

July 2014
Our 2nd baby fair and arrival of Baby Xin He.
At this moment, no matter how strong you are, you will realised having love ones around or to have love ones to help you, is the best of the world. You can’t be a superman alone.
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August 2014
When I thought breastfeeding will be the same, as easy as when I had it with Yi He. But it doesn’t. Motherhood really brings you surprises everyday, every moment.
After 7 months of bringing our company products to Singapore, our efforts pay off!! Products are finally in retail stores. Thank you John Little for everything. Not easy to convince and make people accept such a brand new product in Singapore.
This process makes us learn how to differentiate our products from others.

October 2014
Bringing my motherhood challenge to the next level. Bring baby to Baby Xin He Expo fair.
Even though on the first day Xin He was quite cranky but still manageable, on the 2nd till the 4th day, she was behaving extremely well, better than my expectations. Nobody realized that there is a baby in the pram beside the cashier. Thank you for my wonderful part-time staffs for helping me out when I’m pumping and feeding.
“Success doesn’t comes alone, it comes with the help from others, no matter in what form of help is being received.”
1524602_10154667384375453_8480322333822975304_n 1620758_10154656594920453_6684870349097797386_n

December 2014
First time ever I have to deal with my daughter hitting other child. Not easy to be honest.
“Asking people to say sorry is easy, making them to understand the reason is tough”

With that I end my 2014 with lots of experience, lessons and wonderful friends, staffs, or whoever came into my life. You make me learn something, if I ever make the same mistake again (i hope not), I do hope that I have the experience to cope and deal with it, making it sure that I don’t make it AGAIN.

And 2015 I’m going to challenge you with all my might because for sure I know I have to make major decisions.
Whatever decisions I make, I hope I still stay true to what I have promise before:


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