Busy week..

How’s everyone!! 😛 Didn’t blog for more then a week! Was busy making mooncake for the past few days (more then a week!)

But to be honest, I didn’t make the real mooncake, but is a “Agar agar Mooncake”! Still is very tedious to make! As you have to make the fillings then the outer layer. Make quite alot for my family and my colleagues to eat! I’m glad that I got alot of nice feedback!

Here’s my mooncake! Not sure you guys can see the chinese character. The green one is the mango filling mooncake and the white one is the coffee filling mooncake.
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My ingredients..
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Those who are interested in making the agar mooncake, no worries ya, coz I will be posting up the method of cooking soon! 😀

Ohya.. I’m suppose to show u guys my new hairstyle..
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I really love my new hair style!! 😀 Think this pics didn’t really show the hairstyle well. Taken this at work.. *eat snake* haha..

Was taken early last week, while I’m busy doing my work. Normally end and early of the month is my busy moment coz I need to check/count stock and order the lens and drugs.

After I cancel my course in UNISIM, I stay at home almost everyday! Benny have no time for me ever since he change his new job. He got to work hard so we will be able to get our dream home soon! 🙂

Since he can’t accompany me and also he find it no point me staying at home and play computer / watch tv, he get me to sign up any course I’m interested in. So I sign up pilates at CC near my place! Those interested can got to www.one.pa.gov.sg. They have alot of classes like yoga etc.. *Thanks to Emmy for letting me this courses, otherwise Benny got to spend a bomb on it!*

So with pilates got to work hard to tone up my body and hopefully by mid next yr, I can get a refresh look! Will be removing my braces most likely in mid year too! Can’t wait to take it off.. Till now still abit regret putting it.. *faint* Alot of reasons, like I can’t eat my fav food properly, lost alot of extra assignment (extra income) due to braces, have my teeth stain easily.. so troublesome.. haha.. so many complaints from me. :X

So those who are interested in getting your teeth done, is best to do it NOW or during student time. Think psychologically will be much more better.

Ok a short post for today.. night night..

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