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Building our nest

I think designing or getting new furniture is every couples or I shall say most of the girls dream. Finally I can get to design our new nest! Even though is only our bedroom but I’m still excited. Haha.. But hopefully few years down the road I will be able to design and get stuff for living room, kitchen etc. 
I even have a rough idea how my kitchen going to look like!! Ok, that’s still early. 😛
Before heading down to Furniture Mall, Benny and I went to buy our bedsheet and his “Guo Da Li” stuff.. 
Mr tan is good at bargaining! Even my mom and aunt are stunt at his skills!
We bought 3 sets of bedsheet!! haha… 
Building our nest 1
Building our nest 2
After that we head down to furniture mall to shop for our mattress and wardrobe, and hopefully a nice dressing table. Didn’t manage to catch anything I like from Ikea when we went over there last week. Both of us want something which will really last long and durable few years down the road and able to move it to our new home. If we have to buy new furniture again, both of us feel that its not pocket-friendly and I’m really dislike changing my stuff once I get attached to it
We went to quite a few shop to try out the mattress, to see whether our skin love the mattress. Its quite weird to lie down on the bed with all the strangers walking in and out.. haha.. I only rest like less than a min.. anywa not much of a difference to me because I usually sleep like a pig. So I leave the choice to Benny. 
Finally both of us settled for Lotus Mattress! Both of us really love the feeling and the firmness of the bed! Really makes me want to sleep! Haha.. 
So we decided to go ahead and bought the mattress and bed frame with storage. 
We did an online check after we bought the mattress, thankfully the reviews of the bed is good except for the delivery part. I think that is the most common issues face for all the furniture delivery!! So better keep our fingers cross and hopefully the price justify the quality (the mattress) it promises. 😛
Building our nest 4
Look So comfy right! Can’t wait for 15 Jan to arrive so I can get to sleep my mattress!
Initially Benny and I had no idea how our wardrobe is going to place and how is it going to look like, but we walk past this Space Maker and finally much discussions, we had our ‘L’ shape custom make wardrobe!!
The wonderful part is it can be “transferred” to our new home. So another pocket friendly furniture!! haha..
It will looks something like this!
Building our nest 5
Hope they are able to do it before the expected date! then I can faster move my clothes over, no more lying all over the place!!
Received my winter wear!! Can’t wait for the Taiwan trip!! I love Taiwan!! Love my relatives over there, love the food, love the slow pace environment and love the winter season, whereby I can wear boots, trench coat without weird stares from people! 😛
Building our nest 6


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