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Hello everyone!!! Hope you guys are still around.. ya I know I haven’t been blogging much.. alot of stuff happening ending 2009, or shall I say I end my 2009 with a beautiful, full of surprises, lovely and wonderful moment.?? hahaha…

BENNY PROPOSED TO ME which means I’M (or rather we) ARE GETTING MARRIED!! 😀

This wonderful moment happen on christmas, though we are not christian, but Benny feel that he must propsed on a special day, and it also happens that my whole family is around.. so it just like a perfect moment for him haha.. He told me he so scared my parents went to sleep coz the proposed happen just past midnight.

My beautiful engagement ring, diamond from D’meyson, setting redesign by me and Sunny Jewellery from Far East Plaza.. *heart*
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

And below is the making of my ring setting… design together with Sunny and myself..
Image Hosted by

tatata…. the ring ~ if u notice clearly, one of the band is very curvy compare to the other, it actually sympbolize 2 different people cross their path together, create a sparkers in their life and become one.. cool? 😛
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Planning my own wedding has been always a dream, doing DIY, making all the preparations seems fun but yet tiring. My friend ever ask me whether going through all this trouble is it worth it? I told her yes, coz its once in a lifetime, I have a beautiful memories to hold on, the process of making actually can bring couples closer together even though there is bound to be disagreement.

Benny and me did have a big hiccups in the intial planning, due to age restrictions as taiwanese have this tradition that getting married at age lunar 29 is not good, so we have to get the hotels soon, but things didn’t go very smoothly coz he first date we have choosen is fully booked for almost whole hotels in singapore.. so we have to move on to the other dates so finally our big day is on the

15 Jan 2011 at Conrad Hotel..

After this have settle, we have to settle the florist coz I’m having a sunflower theme wedding (sunflower is my favourite, not a rose fan), the quotation that the hotel gave is not worth it, thus we have to source for our own… and throughout this time I’m glad I have friends out there helping out.. *hugs*

1 year seems long but also seems short to settle alot of stuff… *期待的心情复杂又兴奋*

This one year, besides busy DIY and preparing my wedding, Benny sign me up for amore fitness since last year to tone up my body. How to get a nice body, put on weight first and tone it up, tats the case for me, coz I’m way to skinny previous time, and now I’m a healthy 60kg!! Haha.. so its time to tone it up and get ready for my wedding. 😀

As for work wise, so far so good, having great colleagues and enjoying my work everyday even though some of days is real bad luck..

Some updates at work… having fun after work.. 😀
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
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Will update more often now, coz will be taking 1 module this year to make myself less stressful, more time to do my wedding stuff and relax.. 😀 hopefully after taking out my braces which is in April, I can do some extra job to earn some “peanuts” for my wedding.. hehehe…

My New Year Resolutions:
~ Get well tone
~ More healthy (last year was a nightmare)
~ Stay pretty (haha.. coz getting married mah.. )
~ Earn more and save more money for studies and wedding
~ Control my temper
~ Be happy

for the time being is all this.. 😀

Lastly, Benny and me lovely photos will end today post..
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