Last Saturday mom and I did a very wonderful thing!! We went for blood donation! We were on our way to Bugis when we saw this blood donation drive at Dhouby Ghaut MRT station, so we decided to try our luck as we ever rejected before.

Finally we are able to donate! At first, I thought I can’t, as my iron level is on the borderline, but total HB pass. 😛

Everyone getting busy..
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Mom start donating first…
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Please be gentle with me.. this is my first time.. They have this sticker, so that the staff can attend to them first and give special attention.
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My hand.. My donating wasn’t a smooth process, as my vein is quite small so there’s a problem in blood flow and throughout the process I felt pulling sensation. But mom doesn’t have this problem -,-“
end up I didn’t manage to donate one whole packet, but enough to use :X
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Mom and her free gift.. haha.. “Act cute” :X
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Today received a call from the Sister (Nurse Manager) asking me how’s my bruises and keep on explaining and apologise to me. Mom said they scared I don’t want to donate anymore.. haha. Of course not! I will donate again.. But got to “build” up my veins otherwise another big bruise for few days 😛


Monday celebrated Yifei’s birthday at this wonderful Italian Restaurant. They place is very small but they staff are very warm and friendly!
Don’t ask me how to go as I seriously have no idea too!! Lionel fetch us there.

Check it out here ~

Calamari. Those who hate to eat calamari which are chewy like rubber, over cooked or under cooked, you should try this. Is cooked in the right texture, not chewy but soft and Q! Really really delicious. We wipe out the whole thing less then 5mins (did we?? )
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Yummy Pizza. Thin crust pizza, also another delicious dish. But I wish cheese were more :X
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Our food pics didn’t ture out well, so no pics. But definately is a must try for all the dish! According to Lionel, all the dishes there is very delicious. Lionel and Yifei ordered a dumpling pasta, is really really delicious (4th time mentioning :X ).

So those who have spare cash, can go down to have a wonderful and romantic dinner! 😀

Group pics! 😛
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My wear for that day!
VS off shoulder top, hangten skinny jeans, VS silver clutch and Aldo heels. Aldo heels bought it at JayGee sale only at $35+!! Hehe.. super great steal!! 😛
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I hope I can receive a good new tomorrow!! 😛 Will disclose if I’m able to get it!

Night night..


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