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!st gathering for mr n miss sgh 2004

Yapee.. ( ^ , ^ ) have our first gathering today. Was quite happy because although most of us are working shift, we plan to


Hey guys, there is a miss venus coming up, so guys please vote for me ok the web page is : my name is:

Hey hey… How are you guys…

Hello, is a long time since i last blog. Sorry for those who’s waiting. Thanks for those who give me comments about my site and


Yersterday receive 1 letter from OCBC, was curious why they send letter to me cause i don’t have a bank account with them. Anyway i

A Thought For today

Today work afternoon shift, was transfer to another room because 1 staff reported sick so short of nurses. So came to know this patient, 20

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Save my hair!

Actually I haven’t been really hardworking enough to do hair treatment or do something about my hair. Reason being, since I’m pregnant right now, I

LooKing Back ~ 2006

Yap I know 2006 is not over yet, back me started to think back what I have done during this year. Is it getting better,

Late Night Blog… Saw this article in Chinese “Zaobao”.. 没有人会拒绝让自己得到幸福,可是却不是每个人都能得到他们想要的幸福。有些人生活安稳就觉得很好了。有些人只要口袋里的钱花不完就很快乐了。有些人希望永远有谈不完的爱情该多好。有些人觉得被爱比爱人更幸福。有些人则永远无法满足, 因为比较是无止境的。 幸福真的可以很简单,不一定要拥有全世界,即使拥有了也不一定就会幸福。幸福并存在莫个角落或莫个固定的方式,它就存在我们的心理。你幸福吗?After reading, whats your thoughts? I want to be happy and healthy….. The basic..

BACK LIAO!!!Hi hi, me back from night shift le!! Working night with Cindy, Yanpeng and Cynthia is such fun!! Had a lot of joke with