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Sorry folks for waiting.. gals and guys reall ythanks for the comments you have left in my tag board.. too many untill i can’t reply


Hi ppl, i’m back to my normal life le!! No time to blog much about the event that is so happening last night, coz i


Today had our last preview of Miss Singapore World 2006 at East Point Mall. Finally is over!!! But also feel abit upset coz is so


Had a short interview with our local chinese newspaper, Lian He Wan Bao last week, during the first preview. Below is the report that i

Ms World Preview 1 & 2

Lets see the photos ok.. tired to talk coz i haven’t recover from my sickness.. 🙁Preview 1:Miss Personality 2006: RonomaPreview 2:Miss Crowning Glory 2006: MelissaSuppose


Today “nuan” at home cause sick, got nothing to do so surf computer the whole afternoon, feel very sleepy after taking medication but couldn’t sleep

A post before the finals..

After finish work today at around 315pm, faster rush home to bath and change. Suppose to meet Melissa for our clothes fitting for tomorrow Best


**LOTS OF PICS AHEAD** Hey folks, sorry for not updating for past few days coz i’m damm tired, i’m having night shift but after night

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Mr Singapore World

Hey hey!!! Yesterday went for Mr Singapore World Preview at Club MOMO. Went there around 9pm. But before that I went to a few places..

Is ITE really "The End"? 7

Is ITE really “The End”?

Recently saw this news heading at my facebook timeline > “DEAR TRS, A TEACHER TOLD MY SON TO GO TO ITE INSTEAD OF TRYING TO


Today is a special day!! Its chinese valentines day!! May all the couples be haapy and loving always! 农历七月初七的夜晚,天气温暖,草木飘香,这就是人们俗称的七夕节,也有人称之为“乞巧节”或“女儿节“ 在晴朗的夏秋之夜,天上繁星闪耀,一道白茫茫的银河横贯南北,争河的东西两岸,各有一颗闪亮的星星,隔河相望,遥遥相对,那就是牵牛星和织女星。 七夕坐看牵牛织女星,是民间的习俗,相传,在每年的这个夜晚,是天上织女与牛郎在鹊桥相会之时。织女是一个美丽聪明、心灵手巧的仙女,凡间的妇女便在这一天晚上向她乞求智慧和巧艺,也少不了向她求赐美满姻缘,所以七月初七也被称为乞巧节。 人们传说在七夕的夜晚,抬头可以看到牛郎织女的银河相会,或在瓜果架下可偷听到两人在天上相会时的脉脉情话。 女孩们在这个充满浪漫气息的晚上,对着天空的朗朗明月,摆上时令瓜果,朝天祭拜,乞求天上的女神能赋予她们聪慧的心灵和灵巧的双手,让自己的针织女红技法娴熟,更乞求爱情婚姻的姻缘巧配。过去婚姻对于女性来说是决定一生幸福与否的终身大事,所以,世间无数的有情男女都会在这个晚上,夜静人深时刻,对着星空祈祷自己的姻缘美满。 有关故事的传说 ~