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Featured Mumpreneur, Jasmine Kang – The Skin Expert

I’m happy to have Jasmine Kang to be our featured Mumprenenur for July 2019! She is a mother of 2 lovely kids and she is ready to share her motivation and challenges with us in running both her business, creating a new formula and juggling the kids.

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Baby Immunisation Chart

Your important guide to your baby immunisation in Polyclinic. Immunizations for Diphtheria and Measles are COMPULSORY by Law. You can choose to go to the polyclinic or private clinics for your child’s vaccination.
You can visit polyclinics for free (selected) injections and/or Medisave payable.

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4th day of School

Today is the 4th day of school, so far i’m used to school life and quite enjoying it, but still have problems waking up -___-”

F1 *backdated*

Ya I know I’m super bad dated.. haha.. I have been a lazy pig in blogging. Maybe life is so not exciting like before. How

Milo Lactation Cookies

For some milo is a milk booster, and with the aid of lactation cookies (brewer yeast and rolled oats is a must), almost 90% of

MISSY GATHERINGOk i lost count liao, i think this time round is about 7-10 gatherings we had since last year. This time round, i search