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Black Sesame Paste & Black Sesame Mantou

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Black Sesame Paste & Black Sesame Mantou

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Course: Snacks, Breakfast, SidesCuisine: ChineseDifficulty: Medium


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This recipe uses Thermomix to show how you can do black sesame paste and black sesame mantou in just one pot! Lesser hassle, lesser washing!

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  • Black Sesame Paste
  • 100 g black sesame seeds

  • 20 g white rice

  • 30 g Rock Sugar (This is a less sugar recipe. You can adjustable to your comfort level)

  • 500 g water

  • Black Sesame Mantou
  • 300 g Plain Flour / All-purpose Flour

  • 30 g sugar

  • 130 g water

  • 1 tsp instant yeast

  • 1 pinch salt


  • Black Sesame Paste
  • Roast Black Sesame seeds in the oven for 2mins, 180°C
  • Add all Black sesame, rice, and water. 15mins / 100°C / Speed 1
  • Add in rock sugar. 1min / Speed 10
  • Serve hot or warm!
  • DO NOT wash the mixing bowl and let's move on to the mantou step!
  • Black Sesame Mantou
  • Grease oil on a big bowl and set aside.
  • Add in the yeast, sugar and water. 1min / 37°C / Speed 2
  • Add in flour and salt. 2min / Dough Mode
  • Remove the dough and put it in the bowl. Cover it with a damp cloth or cling wrap.
    Proof for 1hr or when it has doubled in size.
  • Take out the dough and punch out the air. Roll it into a log and cut into 16 equal pieces.
  • Place the mantou on to the baking paper into the Varoma bowl/tray.
  • Add 600g of water into the mixing bowl, rest the Varoma bowl/tray on top. 18mins / Varoma / Speed 1
  • Rest for a few mins before opening the Varoma Lid! You can serve your mantou with black sesame paste!

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