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Behind the scene, bonding and getting ready!!

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Long blog post ahead!! That’s the problem when you have an adrenaline rush for almost a week for baby fair, and when things are over, you start to nua..

Behind the scene~~

During my modeling times, I understand that is not easy to set up a booth, but didn’t expect it to be so tough! Maybe because I’m one of the exhibitor so there is much more “shit” stuff to do.. unlike modeling, just rehearsal and start doing makeup and chill.. T.T

Setting up the booth and thinking how to squeeze all the furniture into the small shell booth. Lucky this time round the process is much more smoother compared to the first time, but still I forget to bring keys, the display hook is in the cupboard, can’t display products, so decided to come back earlier the next day to do it.. *pregnant brain*

*jiang jiang* the display is up!! Mad rush in the morning.. thanks to my part-timer staffs help.. 😛
A lot of people is interested in my pram.. should ask for advertising fees liao.. hahahaha..

To see all the event photos please got to 😛

Now comes to the last day of event!! packing back the goods also headache.. especially with a pregnant me.. can’t do much, just seat down close payment and see my staffs and hubby work.. waiting for our delivery guy.. wait until almost doze off… so decided to selfie..

Love my flowery pants and wedges sneakers.. so comfy…  20140706_213118 20140706_213136 20140706_213144 20140706_213955

Bonding with my girl!!

Feel so bad to leave her with my parents for 4 days while we are doing the baby fair. Although we bring her back every night, but it still feel pain to see her upset whenever we leave her there. T.T So after the fair, catching up with all the bonding time as promise!
Hoping her to grow up soon, so I can bring her to work at baby fair.. Tell her mommy and daddy money not drop from sky ok! Let how my parents bring us to work last time… lol..
Must teach them to be appreciative what you have now, don’t take things for granted. Even if you are loaded now, it doesn’t grantee you will be loaded forever.. 世事无常。。。

Water play!! My girl is so scared to go into the swimming pool, even though is not her first time -.-” every time got to trick her in.

Finally inside the pool catching fish.. and dare to walk far away from me.. forget how badly she cried earlier on.. hahaha..
20140712_102054 20140712_102132 20140712_102139 20140712_102239

Selfie time!!
20140712_102334_mr1405131934177 20140712_105103 20140712_105111

Ignore me and went to “catch” her fish
20140712_110350 20140712_110313 20140712_105409

After water play, we had a quick nap and dressed up for hubby’s buddy wedding! He is our best man for our wedding, so nice to see him get married after taking part his so touching wedding proposal!!

*photos taken from Michelle


My girl want to join in the fun.. getting more pro hur…
20140712_203733 20140712_203737 20140712_203741 20140712_203754 20140712_203757 20140712_203800

Eating like a real rabbit.. her fav ~ carrot
20140712_205516 20140712_210211 20140712_210213

her #ootd, when at home, after wearing this dress, she suddenly asked me “我美吗?” So vain pot!! I say yah lah… ask her go see mirror herself.. LMAO…

with chio Aunt Michelle.. So sleepy look
10409342_10152265548468037_1370446352990708575_n 10487444_10152265548363037_8688772272445017675_n

Group photo!! They are really good bunch of friends, my hubby and I are lucky to have them..

and mine #ootd
20140712_232250 20140712_232546

Photo bomb by 怪叔叔 Roger… hahaha

Water play again.. before she fall sick -.-“

She try to lie down, pretending she is the baby, obviously can’t haha.. the bath tube is too small for her!
20140716_204755 20140716_204816 20140716_205206 20140716_205230


Tomorrow will be in my 39 weeks of pregnancy.. wondering how long will be my baby “baking” inside.. hopefully she can continue to “bake” until end this week or next.

Spring cleaning done few months, and have been behaving like a old woman nagging everyone in the household to keep in clean. But I think if you want to maintain your own house to be clean, no point nagging, do it yourself better. Sick and tired of nagging. Since this is a place I’m staying and for my kids sake do myself better.

Bought some more household items from taobao and amazon to keep my house neater.. so proud of myself!!

Kitchen is my favorite place, so must keep it nice and clean..

Bought this so comfy and easy to vacuum kitchen polka dot mat from taobao.. hehe.. love stepping on it. The previous one hubby bought, is uncomfortable, hard to wash, stick on the floor and I don’t know why will have those sand like kind of stuff.. eww…
One thing I like, is that is quite long enough… though I wish it can longer like one end to the other, but got to take measurement and custom make, so forget it.. 😛

Bought this from amazon, coz I think I had enough of dripping soap and keep wiping dry the area. Keeping my finger cross hoping is good since reviews not so bad and quite cheap.

Baby play room tidy up and rearrange again.. realised the missing baby cot??

Haha.. coz moved to my room.. due to our sideline job and my pregnancy, I always fall asleep together with her and having difficulties moving up and down, so decided to move her baby cot to our room. Not going to share the same bed, coz eventually she got to move back to her own bedroom when baby mei mei is ready to move too.. don’t want to waste my sleep training.

lucky our bedroom is big enough to put 2 big baby cot! Baby mei mei will be sleeping beside me, so I can easy breast feed..
Only planning to set up the bed after baby is born.. *patang* lol
But can see all the diapers, baby essential stuff etc.. standing by!!

So now is officially counting down time… wondering how will baby mei mei look like? Like Yi He or totally no.. :p
Waiting game starts!! 😀


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