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Personal view on choosing bed cot or play pen.
I’m not sure about you, but when I got to know that I’m pregnant, besides stroller, bed is also on my first few top list to buy. To be frank, play pen never come across my mind. Hahaha.. My mind is only the traditional baby bed cot, because is more economical if I buy the big one my girl can sleep until 5yrs old (it can withhold weight up to 50kg). So naturally that’s was my first choice. Thus, I bought this Bon Bebe Rocio 4-1 Baby Cot during Takashimaya fair for bout $300 plus which comes with a coconut husk mattress, baby pillow, bloster, 12 bedding set and mobile musical set.
I have list down some factors for you to consider:

Before you buying, you must considered whether your room able to fit such a big baby cot. Although there is a small one, but I doesn’t find it useful, don’t really like to keep changing bed. When the baby cot is place in my room (in our old house), we hardly could walk around! So is really squeezy.
On the other hand, playpen is easy to keep because is folderable. So parents can keep the playpen and maybe put baby on their bed. But I don’t really encourage co-sleeping (it can actually hurt/upset your husband-wife life), so keeping bed is of coz not really my concern.

Leg getting stuck:
Many people also worried that because of the holes in between the baby cot, baby leg will get stuck. Actually need not to worried much, babies actually are smarter than you think, they  know how to “unlock” themselves. So far Yi He only cried 1-2 times for not able to get her leg out. If you are worried you can put a cot bumper, but I only cover up 3 side, to promote more air circulation. I removed after she turn 6-8 months, can’t really remember but should be around there. She get used to it and adapt herself very well without the bumper.

I know some people who are taller than me is ok with this issues, but definately not for me. Don’t wish to have backache. 😛 Play pen height is lower than baby cot, so I always find that it’s a body “hazzard” to bend down and breaking my back. Although some comes with adjustable height, but I still find it too low. But for baby cot, there is 3 adjustable height for you to choose, base on your comfort level and also the development of the baby. Once they are too tall for the side barrier, you definately have to adjust the bed level.

Compare to stability, baby cot is much more stable compare to play pen. When the child is older, if they start to climb, the play pen may not be able to substain the weight of the child and over turn. Espcially if you have a child like mine, though they always say daughter will be less active then boy, but she behave like a real monkey. If she start to shake the play pen, the play pen definately can’t hold her strength/weight.

Easy keeping:
For easy keeping, definately play pen will be the right choice if you have space constraint. Because play pen is easier to keep, it can fold  into very small size, unlike baby cot. Play pen is also easy to move around because they are light. Even though my baby cot comes with a wheels but moving around still will experience some difficulties.


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