Baby Yi He mini tour in Singapore

Sorry for the belated post, Was quite busy and also a bit lazy to blog.. So many things on hand to do.. >.<
Ok as promise today blog post will be on where I bring baby Yi He to play, some place u might have bring them before, so do share your views on how u feel about them. 🙂


1st stop: Far away Farm ~ The Farm Resorts
Location: Seletar West Farmway
Charges: Free
Note: Mosquitoes repellent and best to go in with own transport.

Mr Tan had an early appointment on that day so he drop me off at my parents place. Just nice my dad is going out to have breakfast so we head out again! Is a father, daughter and grand-daughter outing!

After breakfast we went to fish farm 😀
Yi he enjoying looking at the gold fish

By the time we finish watching all the fish is already time for lunch. So we head back to hougang mall and meet up my sister for lunch and dad went back to have a short nap.

Yi He enjoying her teething biscuit.. such a unglam girl… *shake head* >_>

My little cute niece and nephew

Went to fetch mommy at temple, before we continue to our farm trip! Mini stage, good area for babies to crawl around!!

Little Rui Tai trying to be big brother and do the crawling lead.

Finally to the little farm!! Let pictures do the talking!

Although this farm is abit run down, but most of the animals seems happy as they are able to roam around freely. Except for those dangerous animal they will lock them up 🙂
According to my dad some of the animals are “throw” to here coz of old age, which is quite a pity. And they don’t have government funding, but let kids enjoy the kampong style why not?
But I glad Yi he enjoy the mini farm trip.. How I know? By her “talking”, “shouting” and moving her hands up and down! Lol!!

For bigger kids, parents can consider other farm area like mushroom farm etc… 🙂 Just drive and explore the area!

After the farm visit, all of are furnish so we had fish head steamboat feast! And that day Yi He had her first try on yummy rice!


2nd stop: Go Go Bambini
Location: Dempsey Hill
Charges: S$12-S$25 depends on age
Baby below 11 months > Free
Note: Parents and baby to wear socks. Play area more suitable for toddlers and kids.

My colleague brought her son to Go Go Bambini, she mention that baby below 11 month entry is free. So I decided to bring Yi He go to have fun!

When we reached there we saw a lot of kids running around, laughter and screaming! Seems like a living place.. hahaha.. Apparently there is a birthday party going on, so the place is filled with lots of kids.
There is not much for Yi He to play, maybe that explain why there is free entry for baby below 11months.

She can only play the pool of balls and mini obstacle hill. The rest is too difficult for her.

Yi He looked scared when I “throw” her in the ball pool, maybe because she’s unfamiliar and the lightning is quite dim.  Lucky after that she’s back to normal but still refused to crawl away from me and Mr Tan even though she seems very curious and interested in whats happening around her.

The big play area.. lots of slides..


Yi he climbing the mini obstacles.
<iframe width=”480″ height=”360″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

When all the big kids go for the birthday party celebration, me and hubby carry Yi He walk through the obstacles and play the slides! Hehe.. quite fun actually but hurts my back though coz I got to keep bending down as I’m carrying her.. >.<

This place is more suitable for kids or bigger toddler… Not really suitable for baby below 1 yr old.
If your kids a re big enough for them to run and play themselves, u can sit at the small cafe inside Go Go Bambini.


3rd Stop: Hockey Pockey
Location: Suntec City
Charges: $15-$25 (member /non-member)
Note: Baby to wear socks, bring cardigan/jacket for small baby. Aircon might be a bit too cold
Timing restrictions: 2hrs to unlimited

I went to Hockey Pocky with my mommy friends. We went on the weekday so is quite quiet. So is like our own place.. hahaha…

This time round Yi He had much more fun, maybe because she has previous experience with Go Go Bambini. The space is much more spacious for baby to roam around and brighter too.


Playing Piano! Little Kyle join me too!


Rocking chair

I can cook!! Don’t play play!


Hockey Pockey..

We have a break in between for lunch at Swiss.
My all time favorite fish ~ Salmon 😀

How can I not love seafood ~ clams.. 😛

Cheese Foudue


And a surprise birthday cake from the gals.. !! Sweet sweet!

Baby Yi he having her banana (using kidsme feeder)
 <iframe width=”480″ height=”360″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

After that we went back to Hockey Pockey again , lucky is unlimited for us on that day 😛 Changed YI He outfit coz her poo poo over flow >.>

What can I say, Yi He really does look super like her daddy =.=

What is everyone looking at??

Is bubbles!!

Pics on Yi He Taken by one of my rfiend 😀 Greddy little gal…

Hockey Pockey is a pace which is much more suitable for baby 6 months and above but not really suitable for big kids as there are less obstacles for them play and explore.  There is also a mini bar counter for the parents to drink and relax while they play. One disadvantages is the entry only allow 1 parent to go in, so in case daddy want to join in will have to pay an additional S$5.

Ok end of Yi He little exploration.. 😛 hopefully will have time to bring her more places especially with hubby hectic schedule and moving house coming up.. all spells BUSY!!

Ohya we brought her for slide at T3 too but she didn’t play coz she’s sleeping.. haha.. It happens that my little brother is back from his study trip at New Castle, so we went to fetch him and have a big feast!

At “Dian Xiao Er”


My little brother

All the yummy dishes.. Sorry for the blur pics.. taking photos and feeding Yi He at the same time >.<

Yi He porridge 😀 Love my thermal flask.. cook early and serve later and its still hot. Trying to let her eat plain (no msg, salt etc) as long as I can hopefully 2yrs! Told hubby no more fast food restaurant for us when she’s 1yr old if she’s eating with us

Group pics! But the little ones are being block.. >.<

Had a super full dinner.. we went window shopping and play the slide!! since its free.. hehe..

After the slide ~ TCC for dinner… hmm snack?? Lol..

Love my baby Girl, my little “Kai Xin Guo”

Happy siblings. 😀

See take photos with my siblings I have to tip toe.. even though I’m the eldest but I’m the shortest.. Hump!

Counting down 4 days more to Korea!! Can’t wait for this trip.. seriously.. Away from work, away from Singapore.. hehehe..

Anyway thanks to OCBC and Hubby for the trip. Yi He and me will enjoy to the max!! hahaha.. By the way, doing a lot of research of what to buy in Korea, hopefully my baggage will not be over weight.. If u know what is a must buy in Korea let me know k! 😀

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