Baby Yi He 的第一次


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Woo.. finally get to blog.. Was quite busy for the past few days and my blog was revamping also. Finally a new look and a domain name for my blog.  Now is officially MY blog.. haha..

Okok back to topic!

Yi He had her first photoshoot sponsor by one of MQ Baby & Kids sponsor ~ Shinz Studio.
I’m glad she can adapt to the light flashes, lights, new environment etc. Hehe..

Me on the way to the photoshoot

Baby Yi He 的第一次 1

Behind the scene shoot

Baby Yi He 的第一次 2

Baby Yi He 的第一次 3

Some of my favourite shoots on her.

Some clothes and accessories are from MQ Baby &

Baby Yi He 的第一次 4Baby Yi He 的第一次 5Baby Yi He 的第一次 6Baby Yi He 的第一次 7Baby Yi He 的第一次 8Baby Yi He 的第一次 9Baby Yi He 的第一次 10Baby Yi He 的第一次 11Baby Yi He 的第一次 12
Towards the end of the shoot, can see that she quite tired, as she started rubbing her eyes, but we are glad is over haha.. Just nice! 😀 And she totally knock out after the shoot. >.<

Baby Yi He 的第一次 13

After lunch Mr Tan and I shop around for his shoes and we stop by a pie shop near China Square to have our tea break. Mr Tan ordered a original pie. Not bad actually but still not my cup of tea. 😛  The store also sell crab bee hoon noddle, and most of the customer are eating that, seems like its quite a popular dish.

Baby Yi He 的第一次 14

Baby Yi He is wide awake and her energy is back! I got super energetic baby..

Baby Yi He 的第一次 15


Baby Yi He 的第一次 16

OK finally her 1st ever stay-over-night-oversea Batam trip!!

Happy family! Can’t wait for the trip

Baby Yi He 的第一次 17

Baby Yi He 的第一次 18

My first ferry ride with so many pretty aunt playing with me!

Baby Yi He 的第一次 19

But the boat ride is like mummy rocking me to sleep.. soon I’m in my dream land~~~~

Baby Yi He 的第一次 20

My family!

Baby Yi He 的第一次 21

Baby Yi He 的第一次 22

Woohoo.. My fun starts already!!

Baby Yi He 的第一次 23

The tour guide.. she talk like a bullet train

Baby Yi He 的第一次 24

Fishy fishy…

Baby Yi He 的第一次 25

Michelle and baby

Baby Yi He 的第一次 26

Our lunch at Golden Prawn 555. The food is not as nice as what we expected. -.-“

Baby Yi He 的第一次 27

Baby Yi He 的第一次 28

Bird nest!! Thanks to Mr Tan! Lol!

Baby Yi He 的第一次 29

Finally reached the Villa.. Is an hour ride from central… so far wor…

Baby Yi He 的第一次 30

Baby Yi He 的第一次 31

Baby Yi He 的第一次 32

Welcome drink

Baby Yi He 的第一次 33

My happy girl!

Baby Yi He 的第一次 34

Baby Yi He 的第一次 35

Nice nice scenery… romantic ah…

Baby Yi He 的第一次 36

Dinner time! If u ever go batam is nice to come here for dinner! Is about 15 mins ride away from town. Super nice!

The concept is something like “The Rice Table” in Singapore.

Baby Yi He 的第一次 37

The yummy food! Rice wrap in banana leaf

Baby Yi He 的第一次 38

Baby Yi He 的第一次 39

Everyone of us were serve this drinks, not sure whats that, but its all fruits inside, very refreshing. One important thing is, it does help in relieving spiciness..

Baby Yi He 的第一次 40

Time to rest! Little baby!

Baby Yi He 的第一次 41

Our morning view from the hotel

Baby Yi He 的第一次 42

Is a day of massage before heading back to Singapore!

Mr Tan n his colleagues went for massage, for me I just do hair spa & medi/pedicure while waiting. So looking forward to the massage but its time of the month.. -.-

Baby playing on my tummy while washing my hair

Baby Yi He 的第一次 43

Lunch after relaxation

Baby Yi He 的第一次 44

Really an enjoyable trip! Now me n hubby look forward to our Korea trip in Sept!!

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