Baby Full Month & Brunch

Went for Qing Ying’s Baby Mattias Full month celebration on Sunday. 
So happy for her because she gets to cuddle her little one, and mine is still inside my little warm tummy waiting for the right time to come out.. I’m wondering when..  
Anyway today I will be seeing Prof Han today, see what he have to say.. hehe.. 
Scared or excited, if you asked me (few more days to go), is 99% excited!! Haha.. 1% of worried coz I’m worried about her health, that’s very natural for a mom and some more working in a health care industry.. >.<
Ok photos time
(thanks to chor Lin for some of the photos) 

*burp* time ~~

Baby Full Month & Brunch 1

Winnie and Chor Lin
Baby Full Month & Brunch 2
Me and the beautiful mommy and her baby boy
Baby Full Month & Brunch 3

Baby Full Month & Brunch 4
Me and the girls, ahyo I look so tired… >.<
Baby Full Month & Brunch 5

Baby Full Month & Brunch 6
Cutie baby and Me
Baby Full Month & Brunch 7

Baby Full Month & Brunch 8

Baby Full Month & Brunch 9
Wish Mattias happy and healthy forever!! 😀
Brunch at Marmalade Pantry with buddies
me on the way~~
Baby Full Month & Brunch 10
The 4 girls 😀 Can’t imagine we know each other for 8+ yrs..
Including those who can’t make it for the brunch today.. 友谊长存!!
*haha.. me trying to play trick by putting hands on my face so I look slimmer >.<
Baby Full Month & Brunch 11

Baby Full Month & Brunch 12
the yummy food!!
Apple Pie, not too sweet, the crust is crispy, just nice but quite a big piece, good for sharing. 
Baby Full Month & Brunch 13

 This is my fav! Crab with sweet corn, super nice! Ok I feel like drinking this soup again..

Baby Full Month & Brunch 14
 Sandwich, can’t remember is with what filling, but definitely very refreshing and light.

Baby Full Month & Brunch 15

 Toffee Topping with Vanilla Inc-cream. Is a bit sweet, so not suitable for those who doesn’t like sweet stuff. The ice-cream is nice 😀
Baby Full Month & Brunch 16
 After brunch, Mr Tan came and fetch me home to rest.. Getting more and more tired, and my hip is pain also, even though the physio does work, but maybe that’s a sign of baby girl coming soon. 🙂

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