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Babies, Babies
 My sister and I went for maternity shoot last week! Its special and rare for both pregnant sister (real by blood ok) to take shoot together!

Some snapshots taken on that day! Sorry all taken from our hp.. haha… Will post up the higher resolution pics once I received it. 
And can’t wait for my solo maternity shoot in the coming week!

Babies, Babies 1

Babies, Babies 2

 After the shoot I went to collect my camera, bought a totally brand new in the box camera but old model ( late 2010) from one of the mummy in mummysg forum. After bargining its less then $100.. so I’m super happy with it, even though is old model.. Coz its slim and light, more easier to carry around to shoot my precious when she’s out in the world.. 
My dad ask me why I didn’t buy a better camera or just buy a phone with good camera function. 
Firstly: I feel that at this point of time, there’s no need for me to buy a super good camera, since my main priority is to shoot my baby. And seriously I don;t know how to choose I good camera when the technology is moving in a lightning rate!
No spare cash at this moment (is not a must, just a want).

Secondly: Since I’m planning to buy iPhone 4S, and its not out yet, and I don’t want to rely on phone camera because it still sucks when it comes to taking photos in the dark areas or night time. 

So this budget one suits me 😛
Babies, Babies 3

Past few days is quite happening! Not only my photo shoot and happy to get a camera (I’m happy for tiny stuff, even if u give me food I also happy.. haha.. )

2 of my secondary school friends have gave birth!!
One is a baby girl and the other one a baby boy!
So happy and excited for them. 

Went to visit one of them, didn’t manage to go down for the other coz my time is pack that week. Otherwise so nice to cuddle baby!! hahaha.. 

Iris’s handsome little boy

Babies, Babies 4

Cute hor.. haha.. can’t wait for mine now.. not only I can cuddle her, hopefully my pregnancy-cause-injured-leg will be healed! That’s what the doctor said.. Otherwise I got to continue to see him and physio which makes me depress 
>> can’t walk well so depress T.T

The next baby, actually is BIG baby lah.. haha.. Is Sayli’s boy boy 1st yr old birthday celebration at Lao Beijing.. 

He got super big eyes! I don’t think Mr Tan and my genes will “produce” this kind of cute big eyes hur hur.. o.o

small eyes maybe -.-
Babies, Babies 5
Babies, Babies 6

Colourful and creamy birthday cake!
Babies, Babies 7
Babies, Babies 8

The Missy gang! Miss my missy!! But going to see them again next week gathering.. looking forward!
Babies, Babies 9
Babies, Babies 10
Babies, Babies 11
Babies, Babies 12

Mr Tan and me ~~

Babies, Babies 13
After the party we went to Watsons and Sasa to search for my eyelash glue. 
Bought one last week, but it wasn’t nice at all, apply for freaking more than 30 mins and the lashes are not sticking! I don’t think my skin is that smooth.. Not only it doesn’t stick, it stings the eyes also, so not advisable for ppl who have sensitive eyes.

Apparently this brand is quite popular in Japan.. but seriously doesn’t work for me. It cost about $5+ in watsons.. luckily its was cheap, otherwise heart pain..
Babies, Babies 14
So going to stick back to my clear Lashgrip Adhensive from Ardell! Its nice to use and cheap.. haha.. $8+ from Sasa. 
Watsons (not all outlets) does carry this but most of the time is out of stock.

This is call value for my pocket… haha..
Babies, Babies 15
Ok, my baby girl is hungry, kicking non-stop.. got to go for dinner with my babes ~ Shn and Emmy.. 😀


Hihi, I’m Qiqi, a mother of 4, staying in a sunny Singapore. 

Started blogging since 2004, stop blogging in between while trying to manage my parenting life and business. 

Hope my articles help you achieve what you need in life. 




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