At Last the Big event has finish…

Hey frenz… is a long time since i blog. ’cause busy with Mr & Miss SGH, (have mention earlier in my blog). The event has finish yesterday night. I have a fun and tiring day. Got 3 tickets for my mom, bf and my manager/frenz (modelinque) Want to know….

0730: wake up

0840: waiting for taxi cause I LATE!!!

0930: Reach Suntec ballroom.

1000 – 1700: rehearsal

1800 – 1900: Make up and preparation (Guest to be seated)

1900- 2300: Performance ( Check out the photos)..

2300- 2430: Photo taking (my mouth going numb…)

Since quite ok? But not is tight, we are rushing here and there, stress, some girls even have gastric discomfort..(shit… those ppl sitting down there are enjoying food, shark fin etc.. next year will be my turn.. urgh…)

We have Justin (DJ) to be our mc (hee.. i have taken a photo with him..). 2 mediacorp artise (amy cheng and forget who is the other one). And 1 lady boss from Spa – Haach (not sure of the spelling.)

Starting of the event is our opening dance (which we practice for last than 1/2 month), is a sasa dance, very hip hop. I was so nervous and stress cause i afraid i will forget my step… (I admit it i can’t catch the beat well, although i learn dancing before.) Once the music start my partner carry me out, me sitting on his shoulder (help i afraid to drop… i didn’t feel that during rehearsal..).. I feel blank during my dance… but once i realize it, the dance have finish.. and the fireworks start to explode infront of us.. wow… that was nice…

Once the opening dance has finish, next is our catwalk, wearing all the fairytales themes. I once nervous.. (although i learn before and is my most confidence part) cause i’m walking alone, I afraid i will trip or forget where am i walking too or did i block the exit for the rest of the girls to walk back in. Glad that was over…

Next is the talent segment, and we are the 1st group to perform, i stress about this too. i, my frenz and my dance partner perform the song by Beyounce- Baby boy. At first we are behind a white screen than after that we come out. (have to admit again… i was slow by one beat in some part of the dance… ). At last the performance and finish.. at the back stage i was so upset about myself… (who would.. who is happy to make mistake..) Rush back to change back to the fairytale costume..

Now is the elimation round. They will give the mr and miss photogenic (talk about this i want to knock my head in the wall, never in my life i have my ugliest photo been put up, ever ask if i can redo the in charge say no, lucky on that day is not the same company do otherwise i really need to dig a hole liao), mr and miss talent and mr and miss personality. Then the will say who is the to be out.. And i’m glad i’m out.. haha… (can’t wait to eat, although feel abit sad cause no chance to get the thousand dollars liao, but stii got hundred dollars, then realize that i dun have food to eat.) So sit at the backstage taking photos, watch the Q & A segment for the finalist and the mc playing games with the guest. Have a fun time behind the stage.

The winner of Mr and Miss SGH is out… (take alook at the photos). So happy for them.. hee.. going to ask for a treat liao… Hee.. So nice….

After the whole thing all the contestant and VIP come up on stage to sing the SGH song.. don’t ask me do the song but is quite nice… and fireworks again… hooray… i like fireworks. (hope to have one during my wedding.. Dreamm ok.. dun sopil it)

After that i go down the stage and take photos with my ward friends and ward sister. So happy to see them… They book 2 tables to see my frenz who is also 1 of the contestant and me performing..So touched.. actually without them i really can’t cope it well.. cause i need to work shift and stay back practice than fall sick… so glad and happy to have them around.. (sob.. sob..)

After taking all the photos rushing here and there (take time to take photo with Justin too.. hee..) time to go home. Going home with my mom. The taxi queue was long.. my leg was so tired and aching. Almost couldn’t get up when i squat down. At last reach home and have a good rest.. to have my fairytale dream…

(the photos will be upload bit by bit cause some need to get from the contestant.. will let u know once all the photos upload.)

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