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Today work afternoon shift, was transfer to another room because 1 staff reported sick so short of nurses. So came to know this patient, 20 plus years old. Lets called he/she – Peace. While i and the other staff was doing the changing, was curious about what happen. Because Peace hip and leg was operated to put on metal pole (to stablized fracture bone), all feeding have to go through nasal-gastric tube. I thought that Peace may have met an accident. So i and the Staff was keep upset about her accident cause Peace is still young and have a bright future ahead or lots of things to enjoy like you and i. So I read up Peace case, was a short one cause can’t find Peace old notes (cause Peace was admitted due to other reasons).

After reading, i then found out that is not car accident that cause Peace to be like this. Actually Peace attempted suicide 3 times! I was so shocked! What on earth tirggers Peace to attempt suicide 3 times, that Peace badly want to die? ( this was unknown cause never get to know further without Peace old notes).

1 of my staff said sometimes for them die is a better way rather than in this state.

I really can’t imaging Peace life is like. Commit a suicide needs alot of guts to do, even though you have the guts, do you bear to leave your family, love ones, your haven’t come true dream, your everything etc. How do you bear to let them cry or heart broken?

Think about what happen after you attempted suicide, if you never die but become a disable or totally bed bound is this kind of ending you want?

No matter you are being dumped by your bf/gf, go bankrupt or dignosed with uncured disease. You still have friends, family peoply aroung you. Nobody is a loner in this world. Thats what i feel. There will be someone there to listen to you. (Juz call a helpline if you can’t talk to someone you know).

For those who are out there, sometimes think before you act. Esp the people around you. Peace never died as Peace wanted to. Peace totally bed-bound, can just close eyes and don’t want open, can’t talk, can even don’t care. But what hurts more is the love ones who come and visit Peace.

And if your friends or relative pour out to you, don’t be scared or reject them, or scared to give comments. Actually listen to them talk already make them feel better knowing that there is still someone who is there with them.

Sorry for the long story (true story) just hope that one day, some fine day you will understand.

(Hmm.. I’, quite an emotional nurse, dunno good or bad) (“- ,-)

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