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After baby fair over in April, my mom talked to hubby and me about getting a maid. I know she has a good intention in mind, but I’m still not very comfortable. But one thing she also mentioned is that she’s getting older (although I feel she doesn’t look like her age! I want my mom forever young.. but not that possible hur), especially after her recent operation. Although she only helps me to take care of my girls during baby fair, but that’s enough to drain her. We parents already do feel tired, imagine how an elderly will feel? Husband also agree on her suggestions, because he has been helping out with my household chores too. So he feel that the time he spend on household chores he can do his work.

For those who have been following my blog will know the reason why all along I don’t want to hire a maid. Unfortunately this decision have to be made somehow. So I try to drag.. drag… drag… see if anyone forgets.. but no -.-” hubby already message his friend to get some information and actually brought me down one day. Lucky the company is closed on that day.. But that doesn’t mean I don’t need to face the reality.

I know everyone in my family have a good intention in mind, but to overcome this barrier really need some time.


Finally the day come and my maid is ready in about 2 weeks time. So fast hur… My mom and sis is more anxious than me. Anyway I can’t tell you how much thoughts have been going through my head. But somehow I have to accept the fact right..

So this is my maid~~ Her name is call Muyar (Moo-ya)
2015-05-09 00.25.31
So she arrived on the 2 May.. I’m suppose to do a schedule and sent to the agent for her to train Muyar, but I seriously don’t know what she need to do. Just happen that the day she came to my house in the afternoon, she packed the kids room for a while and she follow us out to celebrate my FIL’s birthday and Sunday whole day eating out with us because we have a full day of events… Eating spree for her before she starts work.. 😛

Anyway I finally sit down and draft out her schedule and guidelines.
maid schedule

After one week, she seems quite alright, and frankly speaking sometimes she finish her work early she just rest lor.. Coz I’m still the one doing the cooking, packing the girls bag, bathe the girls and feed the girls.. haha.. my friends said my maid has good life with me >.< should get a part-time maid instead.
We did tried before but the timing doesn’t really suits me because I need to be at home (already said I have trust issues), so ever since we moved into our new house for 3yrs, we only managed to hire less than 4 times. Our laundry got to do 2 times a day daily, so impossible for a part-time cleaner to come daily to wash the clothes.

We have actually withdraw Xin He from her IFC, because no point paying for 2 side causing us to have financial stress, so she will help me with Xin He when I work from home or warehouse.

So far I haven’t really leave her alone at home, even if have is only like 1 hr, which means when I go warehouse she follows me! I brought some housework to warehouse for her to do .. hahaha..

> Clean ikan bilis for my ikan bilis powder and pluck vegetables for that night dinner!!
Just nice when she finish her job, we finish our work! 😛 So next time will be Xin He and her follow me to warehouse till Xin He is old enough to go Pre-nursery. 🙂

So far I should say it’s quite ok, except when she asked me anything else for her to do (I feel stress), but when I’m busy with my work she don’t disturb me, she automatically find stuff to do like iron the clothes (I added the job into the schedule after she starts ironing the clothes), rearrange my wardrobe.. etc. Thanks to her actually, coz seeing the amount of panties and clothes I have, can faint, but ever since I quit my full-time job in Feb I haven’t been buying clothes (yay for me!). My hubby did buy me some.. so nice of him 🙂

Anyway.. she’s only 1 week+ with us, I’m not sure how things will work out between us, I hope for the best and I hope she find us good to work with. Honestly, I’m still trying to adjust myself never had maid in my life before, especially I don’t like to close my toilet doors (very funny). Having her till now seems good, house is clean, my cooking time cut short to about 15-20 mins, because while she do the chopping I can prepare or cook the other dish.

We let her eat with us, watch movie with us if she finish her chores and ensure that she goes to bed by 10pm (if nothing to do) and wake up at 730am And maybe one day help me take good photos? Like Jamie Chua maid?? >.<

The photo I asked her help me to take, unfortunately out of so many photos, this is the best T.T
20150504So *keeping finger cross*

Share your maid story with me! No horror story ok.. coz I already know many.. >.<

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