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A New Life..

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Hi everyone.. Soory for going MIA.. haha.. My friends have been asking me why am I not blogging.. Hmm.. coz I have not been going out so often as before since I started my office hours job. Everyday after work, I will head home asap so I can avoid the crowd. 😛 Last time weekends are for my modeling assignment but now as I need to work on saturdays too, so whatever left is for my family and Benny.

So far I have been coping well in my new job and environment. I’m really blessful to have this job as my 3 bosses (which are doctors) are really nice bunch of people. I think I will really put on weight in few months time haha.. Many patients here are always buying stuff for doctors and us to eat! Not only that, one of our doctors gave us $150 to have a good lunch before he went away for conference! So nice.. haha… Super good pay, super nice boss and ahemm super weird colleague.. haha.. Only one la.

I’m glad that I’m still handling the situation well with that particular colleagues. One of the doctor told me, the extra $$ he gave me is to able to get along with this particualr stuff. So funny right!

Having work in this eye specialist clinic like me “see” alot of things. Not physically looking but in my heart and thought as well. Working with a team or rather colleagues, is like handling a new relationship. Everyone in the start will have some reservations, no matter is it in behaviour or actions thats how we behave in a gals/guys relationship. Gals will try to be sexy or lady like to impress the guys, and like wise for guys they will be gentleman to impress the gals too.

Besides body language, there’s communication. This is the part will everything will starts to go wrong. In relationship, kinship and friendship, we will try to understand each other, put ourselves in their shoes. Understand that you and I are different in many ways. But when comes to working, whatever stated above becomes a piece of crap. In most people mind it will be
“why must i help”
“why he/she can’t do simple things”
“why he/she’s so slow”
“why he/she didn’t help me”
“why he/she is so impatient”
Alot of why keep on coming into our mind. Like what my Boss said, people are different, so is their character. If everyone can take a step back, doesn’t it makes work easier? He told me when I haven’t started work, and again he told me when something big happen on the 3rd day of my work(not about me though). First time ever, I see a doctor who is not stress about his patients or about nurses not doing a good job, but is about his staff issue.

Working not only needs your qualification, your understanding or meeting the clients needs, making profits for your company, but it also needs it to observe. Observe your colleagues behaviours. Know how are they like, thats make things much more easier. Never always think that you are the wonder in this job, why people are slow, fast, stress etc.. Sometimes having a good relation with those people working around you makes your life alot more easier. 🙂

Today went to visit Yanpeng, she just gave birth to a baby girl! So sweet!! Didn’t get to carry the baby coz she’s in HD. Yanpeng develop high fever while trying to give birth to her.

Still I got her cute pics! Manage to see her through the glass windows. 😛

Online  Free Image Share Hosting
Online  Free Image Share Hosting

So cute, I also want to have my own >.< LOLZ!! Haha.. Learn a new quote today ~ The greatist things about human being is that, human being can alter his life by altering his attitude.~

How you want your life to be, depends on how you want to view it as. Take the “I” away and change your attitude. 🙂

Night night have a good week!!
My wear for today~

F21 dress and gojane gladiator sandals.
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