A day where 2 become 1


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Finally I get to use my computer!! After blogging my last post my computer adapter decided to die on me, I got no choice but to buy and wait for replacement. Bought it from amazon, super cheap! less then $10 bucks and I got what I want! Don’t mind the waiting time. πŸ˜›

Attended 2 weddings on Sunday, that’s explained my blog title ~ 2 become 1.
Y 2 become 1?
Individuals become couples
2 families become 1 big family
2 different dreams become 1 dream / goal
I always believe couples must have a same dream/ goal, so that they can maintain each other marriage, otherwise 2 different people with 2 different dreams will tend to have conflicts and situation whereby one don’t understand each other.

1st wedding @ NSRCC ~ Mr Tan’s Colleague

Is a malay wedding, a very simple one compared to previous malay wedding which I have attended. Simple and nice, like a small gathering for the friends, relative and colleagues.
Me on the way.. my face getting rounder and rounder

A day where 2 become 1 1

haha.. like bread man!

A day where 2 become 1 2

My favorite scenery every time I pass by Changi area, I love trees!!

A day where 2 become 1 3

Oops.. no more photos already!! Haha… The rest got to wait until Mr Tan’s colleague load the photos. πŸ˜›

2nd wedding @ Roland Restaurant ~ Daddy’s cousin

Also a small family affair, more like a mini dinner gathering.

Mr Tan and me!

A day where 2 become 1 4

My sister and her hubby

A day where 2 become 1 5

Didn’t take any pics of my parents and brother.. -.-” when u have lousy camera function (iPhone 3G) u just don’t feel like taking more photos.. sianz..
ok back to photos ~

One of their cold dish item, super nice! Crab stick, with salted egg yolk, with the seaweed.. Wondering how to make this.. wanna try one day!

A day where 2 become 1 6

Me ~ feeling cold, lucky my sis brought her shawl.

A day where 2 become 1 7
My nephew enjoying himself!! Hi five every where he go. And keep on saying “Ai ni” means love u in mandarin to my mom ~~
A day where 2 become 1 8
A day where 2 become 1 9
A day where 2 become 1 10

Mr Tan’s favourite ~ “Ou Ni” aka Yam Paste!

See his θΏ«δΈεŠεΎ…ηš„θ‘¨ζƒ…οΌ

A day where 2 become 1 11

I love their yam paste, not too sweet and the presentation is just beautiful!! In real pumpkin! I have 2 share!! Haha.. that’s very rare because I don’t like sweet stuff!

A day where 2 become 1 12

A day where 2 become 1 13

Have u wonder what happen to the pumpkin cover? Since it doesn’t have the extra stuff like sugar and yam paste ~~

So it goes to my little nephew!!

A day where 2 become 1 14

My dress for the dinner. Is not maternity wear if u are wondering.. Didn’t buy any maternity wear, because its so expensive and design ehem ~~ not nice.. haha.. since I can still wear back my own dress, so just stick with it. πŸ˜€

Choose this dress with the help of my friend ~ RS Danny πŸ˜€ Thanks to him!!

A day where 2 become 1 15

Ok my new wish

* Camera with anti shaking and slim, Mr Tan camera too big to carry around everyday

* iPhone 5

* My healthy baby girl “come out” smoothly πŸ˜€


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