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A buffet worth trying!

Last week was my SIL’s birthday, so hubby decided to bring her for a buffet treat. Super happy for me, coz I LOVE BUFFET!!
He tried finding for some offers at Groupon but unfortunately all are fully booked. *Always so last min @[email protected] *
So he check out his credit cards deals and manage to find one ~ Spices at Concorde Hotel.

So we faster dress up and get ready for our buffet spread!
*Bra top and jeggings from Uniqlo
*wedges from hush puppies
8 Crop jacket from taiwan
A buffet worth trying! 1

Once we reach there, I was like “R u sure we are eating here?” Seriously looking at the outside view of Concorde Hotel who will believe that there is nice buffet in there and cost almost $60 per person!! I was like -.- haiz.. since I’m not the birthday girl, I shall not make any more comments.


Once I step in the hotel, it’s a different story! I didn’t expect the hotel to look sleek and nice. Ya ya I know Singapore Hotel can’t be that bad, but the outside view and the inside decoration is so much difference!
At that moment, I kind of having high hopes for our buffet. Hehehe..

They don’t really have a super wide range of food selection, but for a seafood lover like me, I feel it’s kind of sufficient enough! Not only that they have great service! The food and drinks that we order was fast (both the food and the waitress).

The buffet spread (cooked food not taken)
20140601_191349 20140601_191409 20140601_191416 20140601_191427 20140601_191436 20140601_191442

Not only that, they serve free flow (real fresh) crabs in 4 different cooking method
– chilli crab, salted egg crab, cheese crab and black pepper crab!
Don’t worry about not coming to u fast enough, their service is really good! each serving is about half a crab, so you can order more serving if you want, but please finish what you order yah.
I had about 6 servings?? Gosh.. super love it!! hahaha.. Ate the cheese and salted egg.. yummy!!

Even my girl can’t resist the temptation.. haha.. She had the cheese crab.

Not forgetting, each guest will have a complimentary of either a mini abalone or lobster!! Although small abalone but better than nothing hahaha..  20140601_192122 20140601_192142

Besides the laksa, I think this herbal drunken prawns is hubby favorite dish. he had like 4-5 bowls?? First time seeing him eat so many prawns! Prawns super fresh, if you look closely at the photos I have posted above, you will realized that they actually have live prawns, you order they cook for you.

Yi He enjoying her feast! Really like a tom boy.. -.-
I’m really happy to see that they have wide variety of fruits compared to some of the buffet I went, mainly serve watermelon, papaya or orange. Not much choice. Over here they have jack fruits, honeydew, rockmelon, watermelon, papaya, star fruits, grapes, pineapple….
20140601_200750 20140601_201346

Although I’m not able to eat the sashimi section, but according to my SIL, the oyster is very fresh! Since I’m very happy with food and services here, told hubby he must bring me again for a feast maybe after I finish my confinement! Treat it as a belated birthday present, since I will be doing my birthday celebration during my confinement. See.. even present also settle for him liao!! hahaha…

Ohya remember to try the coconut ice cream, real nice, with bits and pieces of coconut fresh.
For those who are interested, you can check out the website here!
If I remember correctly, major credit card (DBS, Citibank) is having promotion, 1 free for every 3 paying adults.

Before the buffet feast, I was having some fun with my niece and nephew! My sis and bil were busy with their new house so I ask them drop their children over and play with Yi He. Seriously having them around makes my life much more easier with Yi He. My girl loves to play non stop, and she always makes me join her game. Not that I don’t want to, but having a big tummy (ok not say super big), try sitting on the rocker or squeeze in the tunnel slide.. -.- takes me quite awhile to explain to her. Although she seems like she understand but I can see she seems sad. 🙁
Lucky baby mei mei is popping soon in July. Hope both of them can really accompany each other to play.
A buffet worth trying! 2

Ask hubby to help me take a photo of me pregnant 7 months in swim wear!! And I use snapseeds and instagram to edit the lighting..

Hehe.. planning to try a few more shots over the weekend. Hehe.. Hubby photography skills a bit erm…. so we just stick to hp good enough at least I can edit the lighting and make it look more nicer.. hahaha..


Hihi, I’m Qiqi, a mother of 4, staying in a sunny Singapore. 

Started blogging since 2004, stop blogging in between while trying to manage my parenting life and business. 

Hope my articles help you achieve what you need in life. 




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