Yesterday is my first day of AL… But i don’t feel like i’m enjoying my leave wor. Except for yesterday where i do my photoshoot at my photographer’s place. It was quite fun, altogether 8 outfit. Hope the pics turn out well. So now me just have to wait for his call, anyway i need to go his place again coz i left my ring there. Yesterday almost couldn’t sleep, coz i have been wearing the ring 24 hours a day, since the day Benny give it to me. Sotong me..

As for today, this afternoon had my english oral ‘o’ level exam at Bartly Secondary School. The school is so difficult to locate. I saw the school once i get down from the bus, but infront of the school there are construction site, so i have to walk one big round to get to the school. The school is located at Payar Labar, so now you know why is it so difficult to get to the school. Finally reach the school after 10-15 mins of walking, finally!! Lucky thing is that i’m not late. Was wondering how come MOE has choosen this school to do my ‘o’ level english. So many construction stuff is going on down there. Anyway the oral was quite okay, the passage is easy to read, except the conversation part. If under stress i will talk like i got something stuck at my throat. But overall i feel that i did okay bah.. The most important thing is my composition and comprehension. Hope this time round i will do well!!

After my oral i want down to agency to give back the uniform that was worn last week roadshow. Have a long chit chat with my boss. Love to talk with him, about lately news, modeling world, his job, my job… any rubbish also can talk. After talking we went for dinner. I really like to have dinner with 2 of my boss. Coz they are opposite of each other, we they “suan” each other, i feel like laughing… haha… i’m so bad. But i always told them when both of u fight like husband and wife fighthing. Haha… Curiuos what they look like… keke…

One is a ex model
The other is a normal guy. He look fierce (a… he’s fierce, but a very nice guy, will always protect us when doing shows, and he shy shy too.) And he’s very direct. Thats what i like… keke… If got any problem can always look for him coz he always give good advice. 🙂

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Thats all for today 🙂

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