Sich ah… Today suppose to work morning shift. But wake up early in the morning feeling terrible. Anyway I have been having bad headache since the pass 4 days. Keep on tan han. Coz i hate to take medicine and waste time and money to see doctor. But got no choice wor. So called up my ward and went back to sleep. This few days keep taking muscle relax medication to sleep coz it will cause me very drowsy. Otherwise my headache and cough will break my head!

Anyway sleep till 11am wakeup and go polyclinic see doctor. After seeing doctor, went to Hougang Mall to have my lunch. Bought Century Egg congee. Thats my favourite when i’m sick coz century egg taste is very strong. But what outside is selling is not very good. Coz they just put the egg inside the porridge. So the porridge does not have the egg taste. So only eat half bowl, and eat up all the egg inside the porridge. After that went home. Had a small quarrel with my mom coz she put my clothes inside the washing machine and wash. Was so angry coz not all my clothes can put inside the washing machine. Some more my bra was dumped inside with my brother’s jeans! Oh shit! Some more when i hang the clothes only 3-4 clothes are mine! I think i’m getting moody nowadays. After took medication and sleep till 8pm to have dinner. And now infront of the computer. Oh yar, have to thanks Zilan, sorry haven’t reply you yet. Thanks alot for all the msgs!! Hugz… By the way saw your bf today when i’m taking bus to polyclinic. Never talk only say hi. Paisei too sick to think liao.

Oh yar.. i’m getting happier and happier coz

3 DAYS TO MY BIRTHDAY!! Image hosted by

What i want ah… is written at my wish list wor… keke… no lar just joking. Oh yar one more to add. More assignment for me please so i got more money!! BF not at my side so poor thing. Sob Sob… Some more he’s unable to book out for 2 weeks coz he’s having off field training. Have to wait after National Day.

Have a good night.


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