Actually want to put my title as “upset” but some how i just feel that the current title is much more better. Just now i was browsing friendster. Saw some secondary close friends photos. And was abit upset bah. Coz we used to be so close, always go out together etc. After secondary school I try to maintain close contact with them organise outing espcially on each other’s birthday, asking them whether are they free on that day on nearer to their birthday. I really treasure friendship alot. I like to have alot of close friends coz i love the warmth, happiness and enjoyable day we spent together. But some how things doesn’t go this way. Meet them up seems so difficult but from what i saw from the photos, some seems meeting quite often. So what i may have bf now, that doesn’t mean i’m with him 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, 30 a month and 365 days a year. I don’t know whether they read my blog or not, mixed feelings, But right now i feel like what for keeping on? What for being so close in the last secondary school days like close friends but slowly forgotton. Friends bonding are so weak? Or does the problems lies with me? If real friends they are suppose to speak up right? So its just that no body bothers. Right?

All along i keep thinking that i’m lucky as i have close contact with my secondary school friends, but after seeing the photos i don’t think so. I think only Ziyang my best friend cum bro is the only one who i really have the bonding bah. After so long i finally see through. Don’t know whether is it a good thing or bad thing. I don’t know. I think their hp no in my hp is just a no to me right now.

But no matter what friends are still important to me. No point email me friends story or stuff. Do i know how are you and do you know how am i? Am i able to share your happiness and sorrow? I think no need. Slowly email to me is just to fill up my mail space, keep my time occupied by deleting it away. No point sending, Really. I rather have a fun dinner, outing or shopping. Or even sit down and chit chat. Now i finally realised that i’m such a fool and stupid to even think of organise chalet for all of us to have fun together. Even discuss it with Ziyang, hoping that i also wun leave the guys out because of their army. I think no need le bah, Can save my time and money.

Now i have a group of close friends cum colleagues, ah woan, ah chew, cindy, lynn, sue, yanpeng, yihshan, sumi n esther. Work can be stress but we hold on. In really hope that this friendship will last long. Really.

Even so happy that one of my sec school friends will be getting ROM soon maybe next year, doing jie mei but i dun wish to already. What the point. Wondering the moments we share during secondary school days is just a dream. Time for me to wake up. But do i wish to wake up. Thinking that my birthday is near they will msg me up like what i do, but now i dun even want to think aboput it. Coz i know i got them to celebrate with me.

You may come and go in my life but i will never forget you coz what you left is footprints on my life path and memories.

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