Had audition for New Paper Face on saturday at Lush. My Sis (younger) and me had been selected for the audition. Quite tired actually coz we had to get up very early in the morning, some more i’m not feeling well, coughing and sore throat.. lol…The tired part is not meeting the judges is thw waiting time. Altogether there are 247 selected gals among the 1500 application, so imagine we have to wait from 830am, the start of the registration till the end of the registration. After that in a group of 5 gals, we are line up infront of the judges, only smile and pose, no talking. So weird. And i have difficulties smiling coz the place is so cold.. most of us are shivering. After that we had our buffet lunch provided by the organiser. Quite nice not bad. After eating they announce the results, so my sis and me didn’t get through. Most of the pan asian got in. Expected bah, coz they got really nice and sharp features wor.. nice nice. After that my sis and i started walking around Esplanade, marina square and suntec while waiting for our bouyfriend. Along the way we took alot of pictures… Vain right.. haha… lets have alook. 🙂

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Taken outside Esplanade which wrote: I WAS HERE, so i choose “I”

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My sis at the “S” nice pose… haha… created by me…

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Saw them when we are going to marina square, they are having the NDP rehersal so that day got alot of army guys to see.. hee…

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Wow… love the ???? what you call that ah? Taken at the bridge outside suntec.

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Me trying to hold the balloon.. hee…

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Guess who’s hand? Left is my Sis and right is mine. Lol.. my hand look abit fat wor… Long and fat… !??

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My sis and i outside Suntec KFC… ppl walking pass wondering why are we taking photos at KFC?? But its fun ah. Hee… ( okay i admit i’m vain… :P)

Have a nice week day everybody night night…

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