Yesterday had a bad day… woke up with stiff neck but still continue to work. In the end getting bad to worse.. Imagine having a stiff neck I still have to carry patient sponge patient etc… Was so tired and in pain, tired because i dun have a good night sleep. In the end ask my ward PT (physiotherpist) to see me. She help me to massage and when to see how’s my stiff neck but i cannot control cry softly in pain, some more affect my left hand also… Image hosted by No choice have to go A&E and see doctor. Have a jab at my bottock… pain ah… Image hosted by But later that still go for colleague cum friends gathering. Won’t miss it coz i love to have them around.. but the people is getting lesser due to our rotating shift really hope we can have a outing like out 1st one, all the gals are around Image hosted by So never take much of the photos coz not really in the mood can’t turn my head, left hand pain and no strength.

Than today have FP gathering, first FP gathering. Really thanks them alot for coming.. Frankly speaking at first saw a number of them dropping out really feel abit sad really feel like cancelling of the outing coz i afraid that nobody will turn out on that day. U gals really make me happy despite of my pain and robort neck.. And thanks to butterflykisses and her friend who came to meet us. 🙂

okay lets see the photos 🙂

Image hosted by
Cuttie Ah Woan, Handsome Lynn, Joker Ah Ching, My twin (bride to be) Ah Chen, My “gf” Ah Shan

Image hosted by
My food… thanks to ah woan and ah shan for helping me to cut the BBQ chicken as my left hand in pain and no strenght.

Image hosted by
My stiff and tired look.

Image hosted by


Image hosted by
From left: Piper, WhinyBubbles, Juche_sasang_manse, ME, Shereen_here and sand76

Image hosted by
Juche_sasang_manse and ME

Image hosted by
Shereen_here and ME

Image hosted by
Sand76 and ME

Image hosted by
Piper and ME

Image hosted by
Whinybubbles and ME

This is what i took on my way home in the train… abit bo liao.. deleted all except this

Image hosted by
My HP wallpaper… side view of my bf..

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