This has been in my friendster for quite sometime, under about me.. Is an extract from some Leo, horoscope stuff.. So whether is it true about me, the real me… u people let me know ok.. as for me the one i feel is about me and not about me will be written next to the sentence..
Let see how my friends rate me bah… Use the comments link given below..

She will stand out of the crowd on the street. Leo woman normally tall or rather tall. You will hardly see a short thick woman. (R they sure that all leo gals are thin? Doh…) When she walks she walk like a queen, confident and does not look around, though as if there is no one around her. (I like to look and observe people wor.. but only when i eating or drinking at a cafe bah… normally i like to look at trees and decoration.)

She will dress in her own style not according to fashion. She is confident of what she choose to wear. Do not buy cheap cloths where they sell in dozen for her as a gift, she will hate it. (Actually whatever gifts my friends give it to me i will like it) Also do not buy cloths that do not reflect her confident personality. She likes unique and strange cloths and accessories. Being different is what she loves. (i Like unique stuff, espcially those in the olden days the english women accessories, is big, unique and nice)

If you want to know her, take times and be patient because she is selective about people she mingles with. She’s open minded, but yet she is not letting people get to close to her easily. (Its abit true lar, i like to judge a person by first impression. I know not to judge a person by it looks. But sometime the way a person behave really can show their real personality bah. But if u are really nature good by heart after knowing u well i will walk up to u. I dun like people suddenly walk up to me and ask me to become friends. Coz i feel abit funny. But if you r from FP, say hi ok.. I love to meet them.. nice nice)

She likes sweet words and compliments, but not too much. She smiles with anyone, but inside she thinks she is borne to be a leader. She likes to be in control because it is in her nature instinct. She is a graceful woman , and she has a magnetic charisma, so expect tough competition. (I like to smile ok.. even though i’m not happy i will not show it during work, unless is about my work.. but will not show to patient lah.. GRACEFUL?? Dunno wor.. Sometime abit crazy.. haha… i love to “mao xian”)

She is a very proud person, so do not do anything to challenge her confident. She can be mad and act like a hurricane, and later can be like an innocent kitten, but do not fall for her O.K. (haha.. this one is quite true.. i can be angry very fast then after sleeping , eating or 10-15 mins i will forget.. )

She remembers everything and likes to cherish her sweet memory, so if you find her old photo albums with her ex-boyfriend or l ove letters that will make you puke, take it easy. She is keeping her sweet memory does not mean she still in love with the old fool, so you do not have to panic. (Yap like to keep old photos etc…but that doesn’t mean i still in love with xxx ok.. i love nice memories, bad one i will forget totally, sometimes really can’t rememver.) She will have many guys run after her, so if you have advantage of a good background family, or a famous last name, a successful career then it’s a plus. (No need to be famous bah… must be hardworking then u will have a successful career lor… and must not take things for granted..)

She hates to be poor and she thinks love will not pay bills. She is a sport type and love sports. If you want to date her, prepare to spend big bugs, for your first dinner with her can not be a hot dog stand, but better be the best place in town. She is generous. (Lol…i like kopitiam food also ok… only like to have nice makan when have special occasion. Ahya.. must able to feed me can already lor… no need to be so damm rich. I also working mah.. also can buy my own things. Extra cash given to me i also don’t mind.. haha… ahyo have to be realistic mah..Generous only when i’m have extra cash.. hee.. when broke how to be generous.. come to my house i cook food for you to eat lor..)


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