My bf has come back from army on thursday, andd i only get to see him on friday for awhile due to working. Thats why i only get to blog today, after coming back from shopping with him at orchard. And the total damage done was almost $400 over… Gosh… I think for the next few weeks i will be eating grass… Image hosted by

First i went to Bishan early in the morning to buy the ring i reserve few days ago st Citigems for my bf. Glad that he like it. Hee…
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After that we go orchard to shop. Planning to spend alot on mango since the sale last year was quite good but in the end i only get a white hat after going to 3 outlets in Orchard.
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Hee… I know i’m vain… Image hosted by

Lol dun want to bored you guys with my shopping stuff.. Just take a look what i have bought.

~ Hat from mango
~ Dress from Tangs Studio (for my friends wedding)
~ Heels from Tangs Studio
~ 3 bras
~ Lancome 2 way cake
~ 1 topshop shirt

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After carrying so many things, feel very shiok.. haha… although the damange was Image hosted by Anyway the most enjoyable part is have dear accompany me shopping. but happy moments are short, tomorrow he will be going back to army… wanna see his botak look.. hee… Image hosted by

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Ok… thats my fast, singlish and short blog for today. (ok, i will try very hard to improve mt english ok… my ‘o’ level english is coming…Image hosted by )

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